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Savant Systems… Making the Future a Reality in the 21st Century - CYBER TECHNOLOGIES
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Savant Systems… Making the Future a Reality in the 21st Century

Savant Systems… Making the Future a Reality in the 21st Century

We all recall that sense of excitement that we felt when watching “Back to the future Part 2”.  Self lacing sneakers, flying cars, I mean who wouldn’t want to experience the comfort that technology brings into our lives.  Unfortunately life has a way of happening. We’re rounding 2015 and I still haven’t received my Hover board!

Technology may have taken a slower pace than what we have seen in the movies but things are getting better.  In recent years technology has found its way into our homes.  Be it hand held devices or sensor equipped gadgets we keep finding new ways of integrating our technology.  The main goal here? Synergy!  We crave that perfect combination of functionality, aesthetics and ease.

Leading the way in this field is Savant Systems.  Savant specializes in wireless integration, bringing together aspects of our daily home life.  Late to work and forgot to turn off your house lights? No problem! Snowstorm going on outside and you’d like to come home to a nice warm house? Not an issue!  Through the use of existing technologies Savant Systems is able to wirelessly control operational systems found throughout any home.

Savant’s technology uses your existing Wi-fi network to manage a large variety of tasks (Think H.A.L. from “2001 a Space Odyssey” just without the psychotic tendencies).  It allows for the monitoring of security systems, carbon monoxide and smoke detectors as well as various entertainment equipment.  If that wasn’t enough it also saves you money on energy by controlling your thermostat as well as light consumption. All this can be controlled using a single intuitive app. With Savant systems even the most mundane task can be made fun

So the next time you find yourself wanting more peace in your life picture this….Dim lit house, toasty temperature, soft music in the background…… Coming home never looked so good.  Throw in an automatic wine dispensing machine and I’m all set.

Cyberhome Inc brings imagination and innovation right into your home. We offer a wide range of services including:

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