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Why The Savant Pro 8.0 Should Be Your Next Smart Tech Purchase - CYBER TECHNOLOGIES
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Why The Savant Pro 8.0 Should Be Your Next Smart Tech Purchase

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Why The Savant Pro 8.0 Should Be Your Next Smart Tech Purchase

Home automation is a reality that homeowners across the nation will come to recognize sooner rather than later. Smart home and office companies have no plans of slowing up in momentum, which means it’s time for you to start considering which technologies, and which companies, you would like to invest in. Experts predict that within the next four years, the Internet of Things will be valued at $1.9 trillion! That means whether you acknowledge it or not, your life is going to get a whole lot better very soon. The real question therefore, is where should you start? Do you want your doors to open, close and lock through a mobile device? What about your windows? Is security or home entertainment more important? What is your budget. These are the kinds of questions that it is time to start asking yourself. As a means of helping you along, here is what you need to know about the new integrated Savant Pro Systems remote control and why this could be the next addition to your New York systems integration.


With recent additions made to the Savant Pro, all inclusive technology, users can now retain more control from a remote, or from a smart watch, phone, tablet, or other mobile device through the use of the Savant app. It’s also been made more customizable, so that the settings can be adjusted to better suit your preferences and needs. With the Savant Pro, you can adjust your lighting and sound systems, room thermostat, and security without moving an inch.


Until recently, the greatest setback to home automation was the fact that every feature required a difference app with different settings, making the whole process too cumbersome to be worth the trouble. No longer is that the case. Now, thanks to the Savant Pro remote, you can optimize your entire home with one integrated interface.


Among the most notable advancement available by the latest in Savant technologies is its sound and music interactions. You can now put on your favorite song through any of your favorite streaming programs, including Spotify, Tidal, Pandora, Apple Music, and more, while listening on Sonos speakers, who are now collaborating with Savant in its Version 8.0 product.


Entertainment tends to be the first draw for smart technology customers, but Savant has also upped the ante with its security features. You would also have the advantage of video intercom and other access control systems from Savant’s manufacturer, which spans far beyond the imaginable. The video distributions will soon be improved to an even further degree this coming May. You can control the remote with buttons and a touchscreen. You can use whichever works for you since both will be made available on the same device. Voice activation also is available although is not quite perfect yet. But that’s practically the only setback of the entire system.
If you’re done talking and ready to make this happen, give us a call today at 845-223-1628 to get your Savant Pro New York systems integration installed. Cyber Technologies can also be reached on our contact page.

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