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Reacquaint Yourself with the NFPA 72 Code for 2015 - CYBER TECHNOLOGIES
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Reacquaint Yourself with the NFPA 72 Code for 2015

Fire Alarm Testing

Reacquaint Yourself with the NFPA 72 Code for 2015

You may be asking yourself, so what exactly is the NFPA 72 code?  Plain and simple NFPA stands for National Fire Protection Association and is a United States trade association.  They are responsible for the creation and maintenance of private, copyrighted, standards and codes which are then adopted and used by local governments throughout the country.

The NFPA 72 National Fire Alarm and Signaling Code cover the requirements for installation performance of fire alarm systems.  So what does this all mean for you?  This code provides you with the latest safety provisions which need to meet the ever changing fire detection, signaling and emergency communications demand.

Remember lives are at stakes here and it is your responsibility as a building owner or business owner to keep up to date with the norms and make sure your systems are working properly.  The only way to make sure your systems are working properly is through the use of qualified inspectors and testers which can be found at trusted companies like Cyber Technologies.

These annual testing’s are usually required by your local building department, fire inspectors and insurance carriers.  Did you know that most insurance carriers will reject your claim if you cannot supply them with proof of a complete annual inspection?

Here are a few annual testing requirements that you should be bringing in a professional like Cyber Technologies to conduct:

  • Battery discharge test (30 minutes)
  • Test & visual inspection of horns, strobes, chimes, & bells etc…
  • Test & visual inspection of smoke detectors
  • Test & visual inspection of heat detectors
  • Test & visual inspection of duct smoke detectors
  • Test & visual inspection of Electromechanical Releasing Devices (Solenoid)
  • Test & visual inspection of Voice Evacuation equipment

For more information on how Cyber Technologies can help you with your Fire Alarm Testing and Fire Alarm Inspection needs contact us today.

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