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NFPA Code 72 Testing is Happening Now! - CYBER TECHNOLOGIES
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NFPA Code 72 Testing is Happening Now!

NFPA Code 72 Testing is Happening Now!

April is the time to test those fire alarms and mass communication systems. The NFPA (National Fire Protection Code) Code 72 has undergone numerous revisions and your residential or commercial property may need to be upgraded. The NFPA Code 72 is all about alerts and safety of those in your building. It includes requirements for mass notification systems used for weather emergencies; terrorist events; biological, chemical, and nuclear emergencies; and other threats.

Make sure you are in compliance with the NFPA code today with a free consultation from Cyber Technologies. We have worked in the industry for years and should your property need upgrading, we have the tools to handle it. We service, inspect and possibly repair fire alarm systems for your home and business. This saves you time and money as you only have to deal with one entity to make sure you are complying with these important codes.

For example, did you know that when implementing your fire alarm and mass communications systems, you need to be ensure the compatibility of it working, and also all of its components working as well. That means that though your system may function fine, there could be rogue wires within your existing system that are hurting the functionality and costing you money. These are not only dangerous but also costly in the long run if not taken care of. Also, new this year, voltage requirements need to be checked as frequently as batteries and these need to be documented.There are numerous changes occurring constantly in the fire alarm systems world and Cyber Technologies is always on the cutting edge of design and implementation.

Though most commercial buildings will be in compliance, it is important to note that failing to meet these changes could result in your business being shut down. Mass alerts are an ever important part of our society and you cannot afford to have a code failure come back to haunt you. Contact Cyber Technologies today to learn about a free consultation on your property.

There is still time for us to come out to your property this April and do a full evaluation of the necessary systems. Fill out the Contact Now form and we can reach out to you at a time of convenience, or give us a call to schedule an appointment. With services provided in the Hudson Valley, Dutchess County, Fairfield County and NYC area, it is convenient to have your home or business checked before it is too late!

Contact us today to learn more.

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