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New York Alarm Systems making Diamond Heists a Thing of the Past - CYBER TECHNOLOGIES
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New York Alarm Systems making Diamond Heists a Thing of the Past

New York Alarm Systems

New York Alarm Systems making Diamond Heists a Thing of the Past

The movie “Ocean Eleven” brings a comedic light to major heists.  It’s a perfect example of the genre, showing how intricate of a plan one needs to orchestrate in order to pull off such feats.  Hollywood has glorified these actions with their summer blockbusters disregarding the fact that Vault burglary and Diamond heist are in fact criminal actions that should not be represented in such a positive light.  A simple thing like Cyber Technologies and their New York Alarm Systems and New York Security Alarms services could have prevented the following heist.

  • In 2013 a plane headed to Zurich from Brussels was bum rushed by men with laser guided machine guns.  The plane which was reported as having 120 packages of diamonds which were estimated anywhere between 470 and 50 million dollars was quickly boarded by the gunmen who were dressed to look like law enforcement.  Some boarded while others stood guard in front of the plane pointing their machine guns at the pilots.   Luckily the 29 passengers onboard were unharmed.  The thieves snatched all of the packages and sped off in minutes without firing a single shot.
  • The heist dubbed the “heist of the century” occurred in 2003 in the Antwerp Diamond Centre located in Belgium.  The heist took place over the weekend of February 15-16th.  The mastermind Leonardo Notarbartolo had rented an office in the diamond centre two and a half years prior to the robbery.  He had masked as a Italian diamond merchant in order to gain credibility.  Leonardo undoing was a half eaten sandwich which linked his DNA to the scene.  He was given 10 years but has since been out on parole.  The diamonds were never recovered.
  • On a more comical note in 2008 in the famous Harry Winston store 4 men wearing wigs and female clothing made a broad daylight robbery.  Police value the stoen good at an estimated one million dollars.  Making it one of top heist in French history.  The robbers seemed that have intimate knowledge of the local, calling people by their first names and knowing where the secret compartments were hidden.
  • 2009 saw the infamous robbery crew known as “the pink panthers” commit a “smash and grab”.  Two well dressed men arrived by taxi to Graff’s Diamonds in London and robbed it of 43 different pieces of jewelry.  The heist which is considered to be London’s biggest was estimated at around 53 million dollars.  The job was quick, the crew members brandished handguns holding people hostage.  The getaway was well planned with a series of getaway cars.

Robberies can occur at anyplace and anytime.  With burglary rising in the recent years it’s smart to invest in home and business security.  Cyber technologies with their New York Fire Alarm SystemsNew York City Security Alarms and Fairfield Alarm Systems services have been at it for years when it comes to personal and business security.  Put your well being in the hands of a reputable company like Cyber Technologies and contact them today.

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