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New York Alarm Systems Combating Stalkers - CYBER TECHNOLOGIES
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New York Alarm Systems Combating Stalkers

New York Alarm Systems Combating Stalkers

The days of old school Private investigators and spies like Magnum P.I., Dick Tracey and Shaft are long gone thanks to the advancement of spy technologies.  With technology getting smaller and smaller by the day we are seeing some pretty invasive devices come to market.  Ask any private investigator and they will tell you that just because there are better tools doesn’t mean that the profession of spying has gotten any easier.  People have become more aware of their privacy being invaded, but with technology growing at the speed it is I find it difficult to believe that we will be able to keep up with these new gadgets and spying techniques.

No longer is it necessary for someone to make shady back alley deals for spying equipment.  These things are practically everywhere.  From physical store fronts to online stores these sophisticated spying devices are available at a drop of the hat.  It comes to no surprise that some of the biggest retailers have been founded by ex-intelligence officers.  Take Jimmie Mesis for example, he has worked for the White House, New Scotland Yards as well as promoter Don King.  He is the owner of an online store named PIGEAR.COM.  Some of the equipment these stores sell are:

Smile You’re On Camera

Being a Private Investigators in the 70’s must have been hard work.  Just thinking about the size of those video cameras makes me tired.  Now a day these cameras are so small they can fit in a number of things.  There are cameras outfitted to fit in a shirts button, a pen, even glasses.  For a more relaxed look they have the cell phone cover camera.  So be weary of what you say the next time you are in a coffee shop with a friend and they place their cell phone on the table, they just might be recording your every word.

What Did You Say?

Just like the cameras voice recorders have seen a great transformation.  Have you ever looked at a plug in air freshener and thought, I wonder if that ubiquitous object is recording me? No, because no one in their right mind would think that, but lord and behold these objects do exist.  The best park of this particular piece is that the air freshener actually works!   Forget intimate conversations in your bedroom.  Alarm clocks are now being armed with voice recorders that are programmed to start recording by voice activation.  With an average recording time of 48 hours these things can be very dangerous.

Who’s There?

The scariest of the bunch would have to be the tracker.  These are a stalkers dream come true.  The most popular are the magnetic gps trackers that can be attached to the bottom of your vehicle keeping it out of sight.  All you need for these is an active SIM card and a cell phone.  Your cell phone communicates with your sim card inside the device allowing for up to the second coverage of your whereabouts.

Not all surveillance equipment are made for creepy stalkers or spouses who want to find out if their better half is cheating on them.  Cyber Technologies is in the field of protecting against home invasion with their New York City Security Alarms, New York Security Alarms and New York Alarm Systems services.  For more information on the newest security and surveillance tech out there contact Cyber Technologies today.


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