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New Features Of The Sonos Public Beta 6.4 Update - CYBER TECHNOLOGIES
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New Features Of The Sonos Public Beta 6.4 Update

New Features Of The Sonos Public Beta 6.4 Update

Just a few months ago Sonos introduced a new public beta software update which has plenty of new features. With simplified music playback via your queue or from individual tracks, there are also new playlist functions. Here are some of the latest highlights of the public beta 6.4:

Keep the music going

Our biggest change yet – you can now tap any song once, and it starts playing. Choose a song from a playlist or album. Sonos will continue to play whatever is in line next, which automatically replaces your queue. After it’s complete, Sonos will automatically rotate the album in order. Before, you had to select the album first.

In the past when you hit a song, a menu would appear prompting you to choose an option. Now, the menu is still there, but this new and improved way is more intuitive. Just click the three dots and you’re good to go.

New queue formation

Yes, the queue has changed a bit, but for the better. To add a song, tap on three dots that appear. You no longer have to select the song itself. This will bring you to a menu with options to “Play Next” or “Add to End of Queue.”

Sonos now gives you the option to save a queue before you overwrite it if you manually select something to play. A small, yet appreciated improvement. You also now get quicker access to “Shuffle” and “Play All.” These options now show up at the top of the album and playlist screens for easier access.

How do I get the Sonos software?

Users need to register for the beta program to get the public beta app updates. Follow these simple steps:

  • Click Settings in the Sonos app on your device
  • Click Advanced Settings
  • Click on Beta Program – this is where you opt into the program. (You can also leave at any time.)

You will now be able to download new software when it’s available by updating in the music menu.

Sonos responded to people who want a faster and easier experience to play music in their homes effortlessly. Although the change may take a little getting used to, it will help you listen to more music in your home. Fewer taps mean more music.

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