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New Featured Products From Cyber Technologies
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New Featured Products From Cyber Technologies

New Featured Products From Cyber Technologies

Cyber Technologies now has a brand new Featured Products section.The products that are featured this month include Nest Products Westchester NY, Sonos Systems Westchester NY and Savant Systems Westchester NY.

Nest Products

Nest Products Westchester NY are the premium home automation climate control for the 21st century.  A great feature of these products is that they are connected to your devices through an application that lets you control the temperature of your home remotely. With the Nest app, available in the app store and Google Play, you can pick your temperature from miles away. Maybe you are working late or sitting in traffic, or the kids are getting out of school early, you can adjust the temperature remotely for complete home automation.

Someone who doesn’t care about thermostats or home automation may not think this is cool. Or may be thinking it is cool, but why would I want that. Well, the truth is, that half of the energy used in your home is from the thermostat. More than appliances, lights, TVs and computers all combined. You can essentially cut your energy bill in half by automating it to turn down when you are not home. This saves you around 170 dollars a year. Check out the Nest Savings Calculator, before contacting the design team at Cyber Home Inc. to see if it is something you are interested in.

Sonos Systems

Sonos Systems Westchester NY is a system of wireless speakers and components that bring together a full house of audio including the outside and the inside. Music is combined and spread throughout the digital space of every single room in your home by using the systems integration technologies provided by Cyber Technologies.

Communication design plans blend media and networks, crossing the border of what is digital and what is tactical. With Sonos Systems Westchester NY from Cyber Technologies you can have your home on the cutting edge of technology. The wireless functionality brought to you by Sonos and the futuristic design of Cyber Technologies means you have the comfort of integrated media without the hassle.

Check out all the featured products  to learn more.

Nest Products Westchester NY
Sonos Systems Westchester NY
Savant Systems Westchester NY.


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