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Nest Labs Leading the way in System Integration for Home Automation - CYBER TECHNOLOGIES
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Nest Labs Leading the way in System Integration for Home Automation

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Nest Labs Leading the way in System Integration for Home Automation

Not too long ago I had read an article that stated how “The Internet of Things” was all a big joke.  The article went on to state that “The internet of Things” was greatly over exaggerated.  Experts claimed that the IOT would never come to full bloom unless major players in the development sector learned to work together and make devices that were compatible with each other.

Well it seems like someone was listening.  Nest Labs one of the leading manufacturers in sensor driven, self learning, WI-FI enabled programmable thermostats and smoke detectors has been making news as of late.  Nest labs was recently purchased by Mega Company Google for a whopping $3.2 billion dollars.

Today Nest labs has made a huge announcement stating that Control4, Dropcam, Remote technologies incorporated, Creston and Universal Remote Control are now all compatible with its line of products.   These are all major players in the field of home automation coming together to make the users experience much better and efficient.

By creating this systems integration companies are now able to use other company devices to improve to extend their devices reach.  Take Dropcam for example.  Dropcam was acquired by Google for $555 million dollars earlier this year.  Through this new system integration Dropcam is now able to record and save video clips when triggered by Nest’s smoke/Carbon Monoxide Alarm.  In addition to this Dropcam can send you motion alerts if your Nest’s Learning Thermostat is set to away.  This is a perfect example of full system integration, one system reading off the other to come to a conclusion that will help you! The consumer.

We can expect to see this type of cooperation amongst these home automation companies in the future.  Competition is great for business but in this line of work it seems as if integration is the key.  The more integrated we make these systems the more use they will be to us and our homes.  With Nest Labs a leader in the home automation sector making these types of moves, other companies are sure to follow suit.

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