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Lutron Radio RA 2 for Your Home - CYBER TECHNOLOGIES
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Lutron Radio RA 2 for Your Home

Lutron Radio

Lutron Radio RA 2 for Your Home

Staying in control of your most valuable asset, your home, has never been as easy as it now is with Lutron’s Radio RA 2 wireless total home control system. RadioRA 2 allows you to maximize your energy savings by giving you the ability to adjust the amount of daylight and electric light, the temperature in a single room or throughout your entire home, and the power in a room or throughout your home.

What you can do with RadioRA 2:

Save energy: With RadioRA 2, you will experience energy savings like never before. These benefits are given to you by a total home control of lights, shades, temperature, and appliances.

Make your life easier: With Lutron’s total home control Radio RA2 system, you can remotely adjust the lights, shades, and temperature to the exact level you want in a single room or throughout your entire home with the touch of a button

Create the perfect ambiance in your home: With decorative products that will enhance the appearance of your home, the only limit is your imagination.

Potential energy savings with RadioRA 2
RadioRA 2 provides energy savings like no other total home control system. Potential light control savings are 20%. Dim more lights and your savings will be greater. Sensors and a timeclock turn off lights when they are not needed, leading to more energy savings.

Potential temperature control savings are 16%. Giving you the ability to manage heating and cooling system anytime, anywhere saves up to 16% or more in heating and cooling costs.

Many appliances in your home consumer energy 24 hours a day, being responsible for 10% of traditional home’s electricity use. With appliance control from Lutron’s RadioRA 2 systems, all unused power will be turned off, leading to 10 % potential energy savings.

Start maximizing your home energy savings by getting a RadioRA 2 system installed today. Take advantage of the energy saving benefits and the comfort Lutron’s RadioRA 2 system brings to you and your family. Cyber Technologies has over a decade of systems integration experience and is the leading provider for the most innovative technology for your home and business.

Cyber Technologies has a team of highly trained, expert techs ready to help you take your home improvement project to the next level. Contact Cyber Technologies today to get your Lutron RadioRA 2 total home control system installed.

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