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Lutron Lights: Safer, Easier, And More Environmentally Friendly - CYBER TECHNOLOGIES
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Lutron Lights: Safer, Easier, And More Environmentally Friendly

Lutron Lights: Safer, Easier, And More Environmentally Friendly

No one really sits in the living room in silence pondering how to one up the neighbors until they show you all the cool stuff they have that you don’t. Then all of a sudden everything changes. You soon find yourself fantasizing about showing folks around the house just to flaunt all the gadgets you’ve acquired over the years. Let’s face it. It’s a fun thing to think about, especially when those gadgets are actually attainable. Want to know what’ll really put you ahead of the game? Step into the Cyber Technologies office and have a look at our New York home automation lighting from Lutron. By choosing Lutron, here’s what you stand to gain.


Energy Efficiency

The time has come to face facts about the state of our planet. The unfortunate reality of the matter is that our resources are more limited now than ever, which means it’s time for us to take responsibility for our actions. With Lutron’s automated lighting, you configure your lighting system to waste a minimal amount of energy by turning off automatically when not in use and exercising the least amount of energy necessary when in use. This will not only save the planet, but it will also save you hundreds of dollars on your utilities bill.


Enhanced Comfort And Convenience

Being environmentally conscious doesn’t have to be at the expense of your luxury. On the contrary, Lutron’s automated lighting makes life all the more convenient. This applies just as much to your home as it does to your office. Both deserve the absolute best available treatment. With Lutron lights, you can customize the control of your lighting system so that it can recall preferred settings. Kick back and relax because your house/office will already know what settings you’ll want it at. And in case you want to change it, you can do so by simply pulling out your handheld keypad.


Better Security

As mentioned above, your lighting system will know when you are and are not in the room. It’ll also know when you’re not home, at which point, you can activate security measures that, while saving energy, will still give the impression that someone is occupying the home by periodically turning on. This will keep intruders at bay. You can also use Lutron lighting to light the path from the car to the door. This will not only keep you safe from attackers late at night, but will also protect you from tripping and injuring yourself due to low visibility. This is especially useful for office lighting in areas where you may feel less than safe during later hours. And as for security lighting at home, with Lutron you can turn your lights on as you approach the house with your handheld device. So as soon as you pull into your home you can feel safe.
Have we convinced you yet? Ready to have your Lutron lighting system installed in your home? Give Cyber Technologies a call today at 845-223-1628 and we’ll have it installed for you right away. For information on some of our other partners and services, have look at our homepage.

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