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Lutron Electronics Lighting your Way for Over Half a Century - CYBER TECHNOLOGIES
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Lutron Electronics Lighting your Way for Over Half a Century

Lutron Electronics Lighting your Way for Over Half a Century

When it comes to lighting options there are numerous companies out there that can help you in your home as well as place of business. When choosing the right company it all comes down to the type of functionality and quality you are looking for.  At Lutron Electronics you’ll find that harmonious blend.

Lutron Electronics and its world-wide operations is the manufacturer of lighting control systems, and a variety of related products.  The company which started with the invention of the world’s first solid state dimmer in 1959 has gone and expanded its offerings to more than 15,000 products which are sold all over the world.  Lutron has gone to become one of the world’s leading lighting control companies for residential usage as well as commercial.

Lutron has come far from its humble beginning and is now a provider of premium low-noise motorized shades but its core business still revolves around lighting control.  Lutron products can be purchased from reputable dealers and integrators such as Cyber Technologies.  With over 15 years of experience Cyber Technologies sales department and technicians will ensure you receive the product and service that is best for your home and business.

Many have asked themselves, why should I choose Lutron Electronics?  Well that answer is simple.  Lutron Electronics offers the following benefits which other companies thrive to match, such as:

Many Forms of Savings:

With energy cost rising everyday people are finding new ways to lighten the load.  Lutron Electronics has been providing energy-saving light control solutions for more than 50 years for homes and commercial spaces.  By using Lutrons dimmers you can dim your lights 10, 25, 50 percent saving you anywhere between 10 and 40 percent on monthly electrical bills.

Increased Productivity:

If you have ever worked in an office setting you will be familiar with the flooding of lights in every corner possible.  Believe it or not this over usage of lights can be counterproductive for your employees.  Too much electric light can make tasks such as computer work uncomfortable and difficult to perform.  By using Lutron’s light control system you will be able to use the amount of light needed per space.

Safety and Security:

Since the dawn of time humans have associated the light with safety and for good reason.  Lit up spaces decrease malicious acts from being committed.  Lutron electronics can create a lit and safe pathway from the car at night; it can make a space look occupied while you are away.  With Lutron Electronics you can even integrate light, shade, temperature control as well as security and fire alarm systems.

Lutron Electronics can be purchased through Cyber Technologies.  With over 15 years of experience as dealers and integrators Cyber Technologies will provide you with the service and product your home and business needs.  For more information on the products we carry as well as the following services contact us today.

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