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Lighting Control Integration: What it May Mean for You - CYBER TECHNOLOGIES
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Lighting Control Integration: What it May Mean for You

Lighting Control Integration: What it May Mean for You

Facility managers are always on the look-out for new ways to improve energy efficiency, occupant comfort as well as streamlining building operations.  This may sound like a dream but is in fact a reality.  The ability of achieving these goals is very possible through the integration of your Lighting Control and Building Automation System.

When people think of a Building Automation System they typically think of HVAC control.  The fact of the matter is you can also integrate your lighting control system to a BAS.  You will find that in doing this you will obtain the following benefits:

Energy Efficiency:

Efficiency… It’s what every company is striving for, and with good reason.  Through efficiency come savings.  With Time-of-use pricing becoming increasingly popular amongst power companies, efficiency in your systems is critical.  Time-of-use pricing is the charging of power through the time of day as opposed to the amount.  So if you are using lighting during peak hours you will be charged more.

With a smart lighting system you will be able to cut on these cost by programming your lighting system to put the efficient amount of output during these peak hours.  Once peak hours have passed, the system will automatically return to its normal usage if you desire.  This sounds easy enough but when you think about a commercial space and the amount of electricity that is needed to run everything within, the balancing act of electrical input suddenly becomes a delicate and complicated process.

Operational Benefits:

Most systems nowadays allow you to track daily usage.  When integrating your lighting system you are allowing facility managers to oversee building systems without having to use separate programs.  Operations also benefit from not having to gather data from different reporting tools.  In a sense you are creating a powerful bundle where everything is at your fingertips.

As a facility manager you can oversee everything from one vantage point.  This allows for a tighter rein on building operations.  With this control at your finger tips you will be able to conduct functions such as light levels and scheduling.  When dealing with a facility not every area is consuming the same amount of electrical juice.

Board rooms may call for bright lights where as hallways may call for a dimmer setting.  Automatic shutdowns can also be put into place.  How many times have you walked by an office building and have found numerous lights left on while no one inside?  With an integrated lighting system these will be problems of the past.

When considering the purchasing of a smart lighting system or the integration of your systems it is important to go with the best.  Cyber Technologies with over 15 years of experience can help you make the right decision for your home as well as your business.  For a more detailed look at what we offer contact us today.

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