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How Leviton’s products can help your business - CYBER TECHNOLOGIES
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How Leviton’s products can help your business


How Leviton’s products can help your business

Leviton, a leading manufacturer of electrical wiring devices, network solutions, and security & automation provides practical solutions for commercial, residential, and industrial buildings. Leviton offers a wide range of solutions for every lifestyle and budget. Leviton specializes in helping businesses save energy and time while improving safety.

Keeping your business safe and clean from microbes is important in order to prevent you and your employees from getting sick. Leviton now offers an innovative solution to this: antimicrobial treated switches and wallplates that aid in reducing the growth of harmful bacteria on the surface. These antimicrobial treated devices have been shown to inhibit 99.9% of bacterial growth on the surface and to resist the growth of mold, mildew, and fungi as well as other odor-causing bacteria which may give the workplace a foul smell.

Leviton’s antimicrobial switches are designed with urea embedded with a silver ion additive. The switches are available in single-pole and three-way configurations. The antimicrobial wallplates are covered with a polyurethane powder coating which resists fingerprints, scuffing and tolerates common cleaning solutions. It is also embedded with a silver ion additive. These antimicrobial devices are great for any business, especially if you are involved in the food or healthcare industry.

Did you know that over 38% of your business’s energy bill is related to lighting? Leviton now offers practical solutions for you to save energy in your business such as dimmed lighting, occupancy detection, daylight harvesting, timed controls, and integration with building controls. No other company offers a wider range of energy saving solutions for improving energy efficiency than Leviton.

Dimmed lights use less electricity and produce less heat, saving energy and reducing cooling costs. Bulbs last longer with dimming as well. Occupancy detection involves sensors that provide automatic switching of lighting and building loads. When lights aren’t needed, they automatically go OFF and if someone enters that particular room, they go ON.  Manual-ON   occupancy sensors can provide ultimate savings by requiring user interaction therefore dismissing false ON triggers.

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If you would like to reduce your business’s electricity bills as much as 60%, daylight harvesting is the way to go. This ingenious technology sustains a programmed level of light by specifically adjusting the output of a room’s lighting unit to compensate for the contribution of natural daylight. Leviton provides a variety of options for daylight harvesting systems including photocells, occupancy sensors, relay cabinets, and dimmers.

Another great energy saving option that Leviton provides is timed controls.  Timed controls use timers to automate switching of lights and other loads. You can keep something from staying ON longer than needed or automate both ON and OFF so that the load is on for a set period of time. Preset and adjustable timer switches as well as relay systems with the ability to integrate with lighting and other building controls are available with Leviton.

For maximum energy savings, integration with building controls is recommended. Ultimate energy efficiency can be achieved by integrating lighting, security, HVAC, and other building management systems into one single control system. The best thing of all is that Leviton energy components can interact with other Leviton products and sometimes even with non-Leviton products.

Leviton is the smart choice to make when it comes to innovative solutions for your business to save energy, time and cost while improving the overall safety and quality of the workplace. Cyber Technologies, systems integration experts with more than a decade of experience provide and install Leviton’s products. They also provide services for Scarsdale Alarm Systems, Bedford Fire Alarm Systems, Closed Circuit NY, New Canaan Security Alarms, Scarsdale Security Alarms, and Westchester Alarm Systems.

Cyber Technologies’ team of tech experts will handle every improvement project in your business from beginning to end. Call Cyber Technologies today for a free consultation (845) 223-1628.


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