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The Latest In Outdoor Soundscapes - CYBER TECHNOLOGIES
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The Latest In Outdoor Soundscapes

Bedford home automation

The Latest In Outdoor Soundscapes

Welcome to spring, where the birds return and the flowers blossom. It is a time for new beginnings, where people can finally step outside and breathe fresh air for the first time in months. And now, that first breath just got even fresher, as it can now be complemented with an optimal listening experience that follows you to the outdoors, and we’re not talking about headphones. Introducing the Sonance Landscape Series (SLS), the latest in outdoor speaker systems, now available for installation in your beautiful New York abode by Cyber Technologies.


Enjoy the latest and highest quality music streaming with supreme coverage and a sound quality that goes unmatched by any and all competitors. You will have access to satellite speaker and underground sub-woofers to get the surround sound experience previously enjoyed exclusively indoors while basking in the warm spring air of your back yard. Everything is completely hidden from sight with camouflage coloring to blend with the garden and is hidden in the bushes and foliage, allowing you to have an optimally natural feeling aural experience.


In addition to going unseen and not intruding on the aesthetic of the yard, the placement of the speakers are also ideal for other reason, namely for the fact that since they can be found throughout the border of the property and are satellite controlled, the location to which the sound is directed is controlled by the listener. So if you are on the patio, the music will exclusively be heard by those on the patio. This is particularly advantageous in the interest of remaining in good graces with your neighbors while still enjoying an outdoor cinematic or aural experience.


They’re also specially designed to endure any and all inclement weather conditions. So come next year you have to go back into hibernation, don’t worry. You won’t need to remove them because they’re far more durable than you could possibly imagine. Plus, because they’re satellite controlled, you can enjoy the blissful sound quality most associate with only hi-fidelity sound systems found in basements.


And as for the subwoofers. You can have the privilege of several 10 inch and 12 inch subs installed beneath the ground that are designed to perfectly complement the speakers in the garden. The result is fuller more fulfilling listening unheard by anyone outside of the house until now. Fill the whole yard with your favorite songs and feel the bass beneath your feet.

You’re moments away from setting up an appointment to make your Bedford home automation even more enjoyable and luxurious. Call Cyber Technologies today at 212-479-0830 to get your Sonance Landscape Series installed immediately. You can also contact us online anytime. This is an experience you can’t fully understand until you’ve actually had it yourself. But you can count on it being an investment that you won’t regret. You can also visit our homepage to learn about other home automation technologies that we install. For more information on our other partners and services, you can just click here.

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