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Internet of Things: What it is and how to use it - CYBER TECHNOLOGIES
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Internet of Things: What it is and how to use it

Internet of Things: What it is and how to use it

The internet of things is the notion that every product we use in our daily lives is either already connected to a network or will soon be connected to a network as technology progresses. Connecting your residential property’s devices to your personal network adds a never before realized level of convenience and security. These products are manufactured by Savant and designed and installed for you by Cyber Technologies.

What exactly is this “internet of things”? It is the new buzz word in upgrading homes, but what does it truly refer to. To describe just how fascinating this concept is let’s go through an example. Imagine you are at work and you hear a song you like. You download this song to your iPhone from the network you are currently on, make a mental note to listen to it later and forget about it. Then you get home later in the evening and someone mentions to start playing music.

Savant Systems from Cyber Technologies

With savant systems from Cyber Technologies you can instantly hear the song you downloaded earlier in the day. Your devices are linked to the cloud and this song starts playing with no action on your behalf. But to take it a step further, this song is now playing throughout your house, outside, and is accessible on your family’s devices if they want to hear it as well. Any music downloaded to your account, is automatically uploaded to your Savant audio systems which play throughout your home.

In the past twenty years we have gone from maybe never hearing a new song again, to playing it on a boombox weeks later, to plugging in a device that holds a thousand songs…and now the internet of things is completing the evolution. We are no longer held back and can hear any song, anywhere as long as you are connected to the cloud. The internet is no longer restricted to computers, it has expanded to the things in your home that were never before connected, like your speakers.

The Smart Series from Savant manages all the data in your life and outputs customizable settings that add more ease of use to the things you use the most. The system is not limited to music and audio systems or iOS, but reaches out and connects lighting control, energy management and the climate of your home as well. This product was only released in March of 2014 and is expected to have huge reverberations in the home automation field. Having the internet connect everything you use has long been a dream in the field and Savant’s Smart Series from Cyber Technologies helps you get the most out of your property.

Find out how to have these designed and implemented for your home today.

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