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Internet of Things has brought the future into the Present - CYBER TECHNOLOGIES
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Internet of Things has brought the future into the Present

Internet of Things

Internet of Things has brought the future into the Present

The internet of things is not just a buzzword anymore.  If you keep up with technology you will see that the majority of major companies are incorporating this “buzzword” into their business plan.  Take Google for example.  Google has been in the papers lately making major headlines.  They are taking “The Internet Of Things” to a whole new level.  It is not only huge companies like Google taking a leap forward in this field.  Companies like Cyber Technologies are also finding ways to implement “The Internet of Things” into their businesses by selling products that can be easily incorporated into your home network.

We are seeing a very aggressive side of Google as of late.  Since December Google has been gobbling up start-up companies that fit the criteria for creating a world where Internet of Things is king.  With the acquisition of Nest Systems, Deep Mind and Boston dynamic, Google is positioning itself as leaders in the creation of what has come to be called “the real life internet” in which a network of AI robots, object and transportation will ultimately all be in sync.  It seems as if the future that we have all dreamed of since we were little kids has finally arrived.

If Google succeeds in its grand aspirations we might soon see a world where everything can be run by a watch.  The Moto 360 is proof of this.  Merely a stepping stone at the moment there are great expectations for this type of technology in the near future.  Driving can be a thing of the past as well.  Although expensive in cost Google has come to the conclusion that their self driving cars can be applied to the real world.  Imagine all these systems synced, you being driven to the super market by a driverless car and having your network (which happens to be communicating with your fridge) send you a message stating what is running low in the fridge.

Cyber Technology Inc. has been implementing Nest system into its inventory as well.  Nest products which started off as a small thermostat company have grown immensely over the past 10 years.  They are still in the thermostat business but have added on smart technology, meaning the hardware connects to your network making it possible to regulate your home heating system from afar.  Cyber Technology Inc. are following in the foot-steps of these companies as well.  Cyber Technologies is well poised to implement these devices into any home because of their use of installers who are expertise in New York Home Automation.

Although this may all seem far-fetched, it is in fact a reality.  We are moving into a new world.  Thanks to companies like Nest, Google and Cyber Technologies the Internet of Things is becoming a reality.

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