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How to Get Started With Home Automation - CYBER TECHNOLOGIES
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How to Get Started With Home Automation

Home Automation

How to Get Started With Home Automation

Some people want to automate their homes, but they may feel overwhelmed because there are thousands of smart devices to choose from. Here’s what you need to know to get started with home automation:

Start Simple

When you’re new to home automation, and you can’t afford to hire an expert systems integrator to transform your house into a complete “smart home,” then you can start with a couple easy-to-use smart devices that’ll make your life much easier.

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First, you need to decide what you want to do. Do you want smart lighting? Do you want smart climate control? Do you want smart locks? Do you want a security camera? It’s very important to know what you really want… and remember, you’re just getting started with home automation.

Most people start with smart lighting products because they’re relatively inexpensive, the installation is a straightforward process, and you don’t really need extensive technical knowledge. Another option is installing a smart thermostat (such as the Nest Learning Thermostat).

In the near future, when you’ve enjoyed the benefits of smart devices (and know more about home automation), then you can think about what else you can do with home automation.

Don’t Overlook Compatibility

You must know there are at least 5 different protocols used by smart devices to communicate between themselves. Some of these protocols are Z-Wave, X10, and ZigBee. Keep in mind home automation is always evolving, and developers create new products all the time.

So, when you’re going to buy any smart device, make sure it’s compatible with the smart devices you have at home.

Home Automation Starter Kits

You can buy individual smart devices and create your own system, but it’s way easier (and less expensive) to buy a starter kit. These “starter” packages usually contain essential software, smart devices, and a smart hub (or controller, depending on which smart devices are included in the starter kit). Since you’re buying a “bundle” of home automation products from the same manufacturer, you’re guaranteed to not have any communication issues between your smart devices.

Home automation is the perfect investment for your home. It’s not as expensive as other home renovation projects (even if you want a fully automated home), and you can start small. Moreover, the value a “smart home” is significantly higher than the value of a “regular” home… so, if you end up selling your house, you can command a higher price. Nevertheless, if you really want a truly automated home, then you’ll need the assistance of Cyber Technologies (the leading experts in home automation in the Hudson Valley).

With over a decade of experience, Cyber Technologies is the leading systems integration expert. Our home integration experts will guide you every step of the way in your home or business project and handle it from start to finish. A few of the services Cyber Technologies offers are New York CCTV SystemsNew York City Alarm SystemsNew York Fire Alarm Systems, and New York Security Alarms.

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