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How Home Automation Is Evolving - New York Home Automation - CYBER TECHNOLOGIES
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How Home Automation Is Evolving – New York Home Automation

New York Home Automation

How Home Automation Is Evolving – New York Home Automation

Relatively speaking, it was not terribly long ago that the smartphone was first introduced to the market. A lot has happened since 2007. The first apps were just a handful of phone games; an enhanced version of the Snake game for Nokia phones. Fast-forward to a little under a decade later and virtually everyone in the developed world has a smartphone that is capable of doing things we never even knew we had desires for before they existed.

Today, technology continues to progress at what seems to be an exponential rate, as applications continue to revolutionize how human beings interact with the world around them. The next step is home automation, and it is happening as we speak.

Today, virtually all homeowners with security systems use portable devices to operate them. New technologies have been coming out at a faster rate than customers can even comprehend. Take the new Control4 operating system (OS) 2.8, for example. The Control4 Home Automation system takes security to a new level, with such features as a “mockupied” setting, in which the system causes your house to operate sporadically each day when you go away on vacation in order to make the house look occupied to burglars.

The new Savant remote control is like a full on home entertainment system all in one. The bottom is a traditional style remote control with all the typical buttons, while the top half of the remote is a multipage touchscreen with profiles that can operate virtually every piece of technology in the entire house via Bluetooth and Wi-Fi. That includes the Xbox, the speakers, the lights, and much much more.

Some years ago, practically no one was using home automation. Today, of the 240 million homes in Europe, around one million of them operate using smart solutions, according to global managing director for retail businesses at Context Adam Simon. By 2017, that number could reportedly spike to 30 million.

So how will home entertainment systems and home automation look in the years to come? What kinds of luxuries do we not already have? How soon until every home in the developed world operates on smart home solutions? One can only guess, seeing as how ten years ago few could have even imagined how far we’ve come technologically in such a short span of time.

We’ve landed in the future and we’re never going back, so get excited. Are you living in the NYC or Westchester NY area and interested in audio video installation? Want to read up on all the newest and most advanced home entertainment systems? Want to know more about the latest and most exclusive releases in technology? Check out Cyber Technologies where you’ll find anything and everything technology related.

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