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How Control4 Products Help Your Business and Home - CYBER TECHNOLOGIES
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How Control4 Products Help Your Business and Home

Control4 home automation nyc

How Control4 Products Help Your Business and Home

Control4 helps you transform your home and business into a smart home or smart business by providing the most innovative technology available. Its name says it all – with Control4, you can have complete control over any device in your home or business. Providing elegant but affordable solutions to controlling lighting, music, video, security and energy in one room or throughout your entire property, Control4 keeps you connected to your home or business 24/7.

Turn your home into a smart home with a “Wake Up” scene that automatically adjusts the thermostat and brightens the lights each morning. Your favorite music will automatically play in the morning and an automatic opening of the shades will greet you. The “Goodbye” button allows you to lock the doors, turn off all the lights, adjust the temperature, and arm the security system from the comfort of your bed or while you step out of your home. You don’t have to worry if your child got home safe anymore, your Control4 system will notify you when your child gets home from school.

If there’s a water leak in the laundry room or your smoke detectors go off, your Control4 system will alert you. You can control your entertainment system with a single remote or touch screen. Your TV, receiver, music, streaming content, DVR, and all other components of your entertainment system can be controlled with one remote. Lights, shades, and temperature are also controlled by the same remote. You no longer have to worry about the baby while watching a movie; a video intercom allows you to monitor the baby while enjoying your movie.

Someone rung the bell but you’re not sure who it is? Don’t open the door without first checking your Control4 system which is integrated with IP cameras and security systems, allowing you to see who’s at the door without even having to get up.

Enhance your kitchen’s atmosphere by creating a “Cooking Scene” that fills the room with joyful music and bright light as you make a meal. The “Cooking Scene” can be switched to an “Entertain Scene” that dims the lights and changes the music to allow guests to enjoy their meal in the perfect atmosphere. There’s no need to shout anymore, your kids will know dinner is ready by flashing lights in their room or an announcement on the intercom.

Improve the efficiency of your business operations with our Control4 System that allows you to monitor your business from anywhere at any time. There’s no need to drive by to check if you left the lights on or if there is any suspicious activity, you will always know what is going on with your Control4 system keeping you up to date. With a single touch of a button your lights go on, music and TVs automatically turn on, temperature adjusts and the security system arms. Impress customers by greeting them with the ideal lighting, music, temperature, and video.

If you own a restaurant or bar, with Control4 you are able to manage multiple TVs from one simple interface. Closing time doesn’t have to be time consuming, with the touch of one button you can turn everything off. Doctors and dentists benefit greatly from having a Control4 system in their office. They are able to program lighting scenes based on the procedure they are performing, stay in touch with nurses and patients through an intercom system and automate the lighting and climate control for optimal energy saving.

Control4 systems help you stay in control of your most valuable assets – your home and business. Stays connected to what you love the most, and never worry again about whether your kids got home safe, whether you turned off the lights or the coffee maker, or whether you locked the door. Control4 systems make life more convenient for its users by keeping them in control 24/7.

Cyber Technologies is the leading provider for the most innovative technology for homes and businesses. Cyber Technologies offers Control4 systems installed by expert techs that will carefully evaluate your property and design a plan based on your needs to optimize your safety and comfort. Our team of professionals will guide you through every step of the way in the transformation of your home or business. Call Cyber Technologies today for your free consultation.

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