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Home Projectors: Is it for you? - CYBER TECHNOLOGIES
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Home Projectors: Is it for you?

Home Projectors: Is it for you?

Call me old fashion but I just can’t get enough of the cinema experience, and no I’m not talking about downloading a flick and watching it on your laptop or hand held device.  I’m talking big screen baby.   The problem is skyrocketing prices.  One has to hold down two jobs in order to frequent the movies as much as I do.  Is it just me or should popped corn not be more expensive than the film you went to see.

Luckily we have a way of bringing that awe inspiring experience home with us through the use of home theater projectors.    Not new in technology but building up steam as of recent, projectors are finding their way into our homes more and more each day.  We are given the ability to transform our home into a pleasure den.  It just seems logical.  We spend countless amounts of cash on technology that makes our life more convenient when we should be spending it on comfort, and I don’t mean comfort in the sense of ease.  No this is a much more primal comfort, one of indulgence.  One that speaks to our senses of sight, hearing and touch (that’s right I said touch, given you buy the right surround sound system of course).

Imagine a 150 inch image in HD splashed across your living room.  Long gone will be the day of waiting in tremendous lines paying exaggerated prices.  Granted owning a projector is not for everyone.  One of the most important things to keep in mind is the size you have available to dedicate to your image.  Plus one should keep in mind the darkness of the room in which you will be using your projector, but these are just minute details compared to the pros.  Low cost, easy installation, wide range of image sizes, and portability are just some of the perks.

So if you’re looking to be the life of the party (super bowl party anyone!) or you just want to establish a nice cozy den for those intimate moments check out Cyber Technologies where we are affiliated with some of the forerunners in Projector Technology.

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