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Home Automation: What Road Will it Take in 2015 - CYBER TECHNOLOGIES
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Home Automation: What Road Will it Take in 2015

Home Automation: What Road Will it Take in 2015

When it comes to the reselling of your Home, Home Automation is a huge investment that you cannot overlook.  Although curb appeal still means a lot in the real estate world what you can find inside a home is becoming just as important.

Long gone are the days when Home Automation was just for the rich and famous.  New systems are coming out every month that are faster and cheaper than their predecessors.  With that being said it is a good idea to look into the future and see what will be dominating 2015 in the field of Home Automation.

Technology is everywhere we look.  Looking at statistics a staggering 90 percent of American adults have cell phones, of those adults 58 percent are carrying around smart phones while 42 percent are lugging around tablet computers.  With these Internet lifelines in our pockets we Americans have grown our desire to be able to control our homes while we are away.

Here are our top three categories that Home Automation will be used for coming up in 2015:

Heating and Cooling:

Yeah we know, you think of the internet and you think of cool new technologies and the last thing that comes to mind is heating and cooling systems, but you know what is cool?  Saving money!  Yes 2015 is all about saving those big bucks.  With electricity and natural gas going up it’s a good idea to have some type of system that can control the flow of energy being used.  As a major bonus you will also be helping out the environment. These systems allow you to set up specific times for them to come on.  It also regulates between peak hours saving you money at the end of the year. From smart thermostats to zoned heating and cooling systems these systems will have you smiling throughout 2015.


Security is always a major concern, especially if you have children or a business.  Everywhere you look security cameras are in place and with good reason.  Security systems have an effect on would be thieves.  A thief is likely to think twice before breaking into a home with a state of the art CCTV system.  These new systems are now coming jam packed with features, such as live feeds to your cellphone, notifications sent via text when someone rings your doorbell, photo notifications via text when someone opens your front door, fire and cardon monoxide detection texts and lighting automation is making the choice of installing a new security system into your home an easy decision.


By far the most fun use of Home Automation will be found in the entertainment industry.  Units are being made that will work with Home Automation Systems.  Anything from Tv, Radio, Lights,. Projectors, etc. can now be controlled through the use of wifi or through a central hub control. Imagine coming home and having different types of mood music playing in different parts of your home while you relax with a glass of wine and some mood lighting.  Now that’s life.

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