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Home Automation Making its Way into the Average Home - CYBER TECHNOLOGIES
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Home Automation Making its Way into the Average Home

Home Automation Making its Way into the Average Home

Fortunately for the Home Automation industry there has been a strong demand in the market for Smart Homes as well as large development in the field of technology allowing for this new industry to really flourish.

In only a number of years, the number of Smart Homes has increased exponentially as homeowners are starting to realize the benefit of being able to monitor and control their homes from nearly anywhere.

Market researchers expect revenues to hit 10 billion dollars in 2014 and 44 billion dollars by the year 2017.  Meanwhile, manufacturers have been meeting the demands of this ever growing industry by developing technician and user friendly products.  In such a fast paced world it is always important to have the name of a well informed and experienced company to help guide you through what is new on the market.

Cyber Technologies can help you make that jump into the future.  With over a decade of experience in home automation, systems integration, lighting control, climate control, audio/video systems and more, Cyber Technologies can get you and your home up to speed.  With Cyber Technologies Home Automation systems you will be gaining the benefits of energy efficiency as well as optimum control over your system and all individual devices connected to it.

So what has changed to make this industry boom in the last few years?  Thermostats and Smartphone apps have come to represent the face of Home Automation in the HVAC industry as of late, but do not be fooled.  Home Automation can do much more than just run your heating, ventilation and air conditioning.  Anything from lights to door locks can now be controlled in an automated home.

The biggest change in the industry would have to be improvements in industrial design as well as user interfaces.  It used to be that only large mansions could afford an automation system where as now systems have become more affordable and easier to use, so much so that regular households are finding it difficult to not make the switch to a Smart Home.

With technology progressively improving we can bet on Smart Homes becoming commonplace in the next decade.  While the growth of an industry creates many dealers it is always wise to team up with the experts.  Cyber Technologies staffs some of most experienced and knowledgeable technicians in the industry.  With our help you can be the first on the block to sport an Automated Home.  For information pertaining to our Home Automaton services contact Cyber Technologies Today! We also provide the following:

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