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Home Automation and What it Can Mean for the Elderly - CYBER TECHNOLOGIES
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Home Automation and What it Can Mean for the Elderly

New York City Home Automation

Home Automation and What it Can Mean for the Elderly

Getting older can be a scary time for many.  Not having the same reflexes or the same amount of strength can hinder someone helpless.  Luckily as time passes by we as humans have come up with creative ways of helping people in need with our technological advances.

As many of you may have heard Home Automation is taking up a storm in the household industry these days.  These systems are usually displayed as being a way of making your life more comfortable and they are usually geared towards young families.  Rarely do we think how these incredible systems can help the elderly.

So what exactly is Home Automation?

Imagine the convenience of coming home or leaving your home and having your lights turn off and on through their own.  Imagine your cooling and heating system saving you hundreds if not thousands a year on specialized schedules which will make the most of the time of use such as turning off your systems during peak hours or turning off certain areas of the household when people are not around.

But home automation goes way beyond comfort and can truly be a blessing to the elderly.   If an elderly is not affected by any medical issues that would have then assisted by a live in nurse or make them a candidate for a nursing home there is no reason why an elderly person cannot live in their home with the help of a Home Automation System.  The reasoning behind Home Automation for the elderly is to keep them safe and sound and make their living easier, which in turn gives them the ability to remain in their private homes for as long as possible.

Some of the benefits for Home Automation for the elderly that will keep them safe and out of trouble include:

  • Remote access
  • Motion detectors
  • Temperature sensors
  • Broken glass detectors
  • Flood sensors
  • Heat and smoke sensors

Through our systems your elderly can:

  • See who is at the front door in the comfort of their chair or bed, protecting them from unknown dangers such as malicious strangers.
  • Send immediate request to medical, police, and fire departments with the ease of a button
  • Control lighting especially outside lighting giving intruders the feeling that there are people home
  • We all know that with age comes forgetfulness, with a home automation system you can easily set up reminders and alerts
  • Watch real time video of people outside your home

So if you have an elderly that you love and want the best for them consider using Cyber Technologies for all your home Automation needs as well as their following services:

New York City Home Automation
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Fairfield Alarm Systems
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