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Home Automation and Energy Efficiency - CYBER TECHNOLOGIES
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Home Automation and Energy Efficiency

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Home Automation and Energy Efficiency

Home automation has been raved about for many reasons. Home automation helps you stay in control of your home, keeps it safe, makes living more comfortable, and overall adds an appealing element to your home.

But what hasn’t really been raved about is energy efficiency. Home automation can dramatically reduce energy consumption leading you to save money on energy costs.

For the discerning and money savvy homeowner, a home automation system is not a luxury, it’s a necessity.

An infographic from My Alarm Center shows the comparison between homeowners with smart homes and homeowners without them.

People with home automation receive an average of 15% in home insurance savings. This equates to savings of $1,154 per year.

The average household energy bill is $110 each month. People with home automation save 15% on their energy bill, producing savings of $198 per year.


Some ways you can enjoy the benefits of energy efficiency with home automation:

Temperature control

Heating and cooling costs are responsible for the largest part of a home’s energy bill. Especially when a home has an old, inefficient system that sucks up energy. Not only that, but most systems waste immense amounts of energy heating or cooling unoccupied rooms.

With a home automation system, this problem can be solved. Home automation systems allow you to remotely control the temperature in your home. For example, you can set the temperature higher when you’re away and before getting home set it to a cooler temperature. This will reduce cooling costs because your system won’t be cooling an unoccupied home.

The Nest Thermostat is a great device to save energy while you’re away. It actually learns the temperatures you like so that instead of you having to adjust the temperature every time you come home or go out, it’ll automatically do it for you.

Control your lighting

Do you ever leave the house wondering if you turned the lights off or not? With a home automation system, you don’t have to worry about lighting anymore. With just one button on your smartphone you can adjust the lighting in every room inside your home and outdoors as well. If you forget to turn off the lights again, that’s not a problem. Simply turn them off from your smartphone to ensure that you don‘t waste energy.

You can set up a night lighting scene which will dim the lights to match your mood while saving energy at the same time. In the morning, set up your home automation system so that your shades automatically open as soon as you wake up, this way you won’t have to turn on the lights.

Motion sensors are also a great way to make sure the lights are turned off when a room is left empty. Kids are especially prone to leaving lights on in all the rooms, so with motion detectors you no longer have to shout “Turn off the lights!” again, because this will be automatically done.

Home automation systems used to be thought of as something that only celebrities or wealthy people had, but it is now becoming increasingly popular.

When you step into any home, it is likely that there is some type of home automation system or gadget since there are so many options available that make it affordable and accessible to just about anyone.

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