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Highlights In Home Entertainment Systems From The CEDIA 2015 Expo - CYBER TECHNOLOGIES
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Highlights In Home Entertainment Systems From The CEDIA 2015 Expo

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Highlights In Home Entertainment Systems From The CEDIA 2015 Expo

The CEDIA Expo for 2015 took place this past October and it did not disappoint. There were several new products that are going to take the luxuries of home entertainment system to the next level.Here is a list of some of the most notable releases from each company. Any doubters that we are living in the future need only take a gander at the following list.


Savant Remote: You likely don’t know yet how badly you need this remote. But give it a few days with it in your home and you’ll be lost without it. The brand new Savant remote provides a perfect balance of complexity and simplicity with a multi-screened color touchscreen on the top and a traditional remote design on the bottom. It not only functions for your television, but also for any other Savant products in the house.



1-Seura Full Sun TV

Seura Full Sun TV: Introducing the latest in home entertainment systems, where you no longer have to stay cooped up in your house in order to watch your favorite shows/sports. Now you can watch the game while having a barbecue outside and you won’t ever have to worry about it getting too sunny out. The Seura Full Sun TV is an 84-inch ultra high definition masterpiece of a TV that can withstand the sunniest of sun rays.



Control4 Operating System 2.8: The Control4 home automation system puts you in complete control of your home, even when you’re not in it. It features a diverse selection of native music players, including Pandora, Tidal, Napster, among several others. You will never be at a loss of access to whichever song you may desire.

Perhaps one of the coolest features, however, is the enhanced security. Using your new Control4 OS 2.8, you’ll be able to manage which doors are opened and closed throughout the house, and which ones are locked. You’ll also be able to make your house appear occupied while you are away on vacation, preventing potential burglars from getting any ideas. Also, it’s compatible with Mac and Android, so you don’t have to worry about your allegiance since the Control4 is utilitarian.



5-Sony 4K Ultra Short Throw Projector1

Sony 4K Ultra Short Throw Projectorx: This 147-inch laser high-definition projector is so vivid that you’ll forget where you are. No longer will you have to worry about the distracting shadows that are typically associated with projectors, as thishome entertainment system adapts when someone stands in the way of the projection. You’ll also be able to shift the screen size according to the amount of space you have on the wall.



2-TiVo Bolt

TiVo Bolt: The customers seem to gain more power with each technology. Indeed, TiVo has made it even easier for you to evade your sponsors with SkipMode, a feature in which you no longer have to fast forward through commercials. Instead, you can just skip them completely and continue with your program. Moreover, and this is one of the more bizarre features out there, TiVo has now made it possible to watch a show 30% faster at perfect pitch. How this will affect the way our generation retains information in years to come is anybody’s guess.




Sonos: Acoustics and location are under-appreciated and widely misunderstood factors of a listening experience. Most music listeners have probably never even realized the degree to which the room itself can affect the tuning of the speakers. That’s why listening to the same songs in the kitchen and the living room were subtly but noticeably different. Not anymore. The Sonos wireless home audio speakers tune themselves, so you can carry them to whichever room you like and get the optimal aural experience every time.



3-Kaleidescape 4K Server

Kaleidescape 4K Server: The new Strato home entertainment movie system plays ultra high definition videos. You’ll also have the option of buying an additional 6 Terabyte hard drive with it, in which case you’ll be able to store up to 150 Bluray quality movies or 900 DVD quality movies.


4-LG Oled TV Sonos

LG’s OLED: OLED provides the perfect combination of LED and plasma. The extensive color range of a plasma TV joined with a lustrous yet energy conscious design of an LED. We hope we’ve convinced you that you’ve landed in the future and that you should be excited about it. Want to know more about the latest and most exclusive releases in technology? Check out Cyber Technologies where you’ll find anything and everything technology related.



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