Cyber Technologies is the leading systems integrator in NYC with more than a decade of experience providing innovative residential and commercial solutions. Our services include home automation NYC, New York home automation, NJ home automation, home theater systems NYC, office security systems NYC, audio video systems NYC, and security cameras NYC. Contact us today to get your home or business project started!
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It is important to understand that home invasions are a very real possibility. The most important part of any home security system is professional 24-hour security monitoring. Only professional security monitoring can guarantee that the police and paramedics will be alerted when an alarm is alerted. Make the responsible decision to keep your home, belongings and most importantly, family safe with a Greenwich security alarm system.Cyber Technologies, Inc. is here to design and execute your system just the way you envision it to be.We understand the importance of home security and offer local alarm monitoring for less than it would cost through other providers. At Cyber Technologies, it is our first priority to guarantee your safety and protect what you love. Our monitoring center has decades of experience and operates in a state of the art facility right here in New York.

In an effort to insure that your home is completely protected we offer full home protection including: burglary, fire, and medical monitoring. For your convenience, we integrate your home security system with your entertainment system as well laptop, smart phone and tablet for convenient monitoring and alert notification from the office or across the world. Call Cyber Technologies today and rest assured that your home and family are always protected.

Greenwich Security Alarms Solutions
Before you upgrade your Greenwich Connecticut security alarms there are many things to think about. For example it is vital to take into account; How do I want to be alerted? What type of Security alarms should choose? What are the pros and cons of each brand? At Cyber Technologies we have the requisite experience to answer these questions and more. Learn about our multi-step process for implementation and how to get a free consultation today!


Planing & Design
Effective systems integration and security alarm systems for your home or business requires careful planning, layout and design. We want to help you implement the system that works for your property and achieves all the safety goals we can help you set. Cyber Technologies, Inc. offers advanced system design services from automation control of various subsystems to fully themed home theaters.


Sample design services include

  • Extensive floor plan evaluation
  • Wire routing and cable scheduling
  • Interconnectivity diagrams and schematics
  • Project specifications

By utilizing our extensive design services and expertise, you can minimize any unexpected issues, ultimately saving time and money while ensuring that the end result is precisely what you had in mind and keeping your family and property safe.

Solutions that Work
We take the often complicated world of technology and simplify it. With so many other companies out there in the ever-changing world of technology, Cyber Technologies, Inc. is the right choice for any project ranging from simple to sophisticated.

At Cyber Technologies, Inc., we take our partnership with the client seriously and believe every step of the way is important to the final result. From the very first time we meet to in-house training, we are here to make the entire process smooth and enjoyable.

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