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Get More Sound with Sonos and Spotify - CYBER TECHNOLOGIES
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Get More Sound with Sonos and Spotify

Get More Sound with Sonos and Spotify

Advancements continue to happen in the world of Sonos. Just last month Sonos released a public beta giving users the option to control all music through the Spotify app. Spotify is a video, podcast, and music streaming service that has blown up since its launch in 2008. Spotify has apps available for most computers, smartphones, and tablets. The “Spotify Connect” streaming functionality allows users to listen to music through a range of entertainment systems. And now, this includes Sonos speakers.

How do I connect Sonos with Spotify?

While you listen to music in the Spotify app, select the “devices available” option. This will allow you to connect to a Sonos speaker or room group. First, make sure you link your Sonos product to your Sonos account. Tap on Settings > Controls Sonos from Spotify. Then follow the on-screen prompts. You’ll find this option under Advanced Settings > Music Sources on Mac and PC Sonos apps. Now you’re ready for Spotify’s music with Sonos sound.

However, it isn’t possible to group Sonos speakers from the Spotify desktop apps on your computer. This goes for both Mac and PC users. You’ll need to use the Sonos app to group speakers for those platforms. You will also need a Spotify Premium account for it to work with Sonos speakers.

No more need for the controller app

Users can now completely ignore the Controller app if they wish. The controller app allows you to control and command music from your device. Since convenience is one of Sonos’s top priorities, Spotify can now take control of Sonos hardware. This works for both Wi-Fi and cellular data connections. This will allow Spotify subscribers to stream directly to their Sonos speakers without needing to use a different app. This is a huge convenience improvement for Sonos users who use Spotify, too. Furthermore, this gives Spotify a slight edge among Sonos users because playing music this way is more convenient than other music services. The other services are all routed through Sonos’s software.

Spotify is one of the most enjoyed services on Sonos. These improvements are sure to make Sonos and Spotify users excited as new partnerships happen in the future. For the latest in technology news and information, call us at Cyber Technologies today at (845) 233-1628. We have over a decade of systems integration experience, and we give you answers to all of your technology questions.

In closing, we’d also like to send our thanks to all of our readers and customers who have supported Cyber Technologies. Happy Thanksgiving!

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