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The Future Of 4K Resolution - CYBER TECHNOLOGIES
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The Future Of 4K Resolution

The Future Of 4K Resolution

The future is here. Right here in your home entertainment system. 4K resolution will define how we think of home entertainment for years to come. But before we get started talking about the future, let’s first take a step back and review just what 4K resolution is exactly.


4K is when a device uses horizontal resolution that exceeds 4,000 pixels and a vertical resolution that exceeds 2,000 pixels. It’s now available on mobile devices, but more importantly, it’s now available in your home entertainment system. Whenever you hear about filmmakers shooting in digital, you can assume that they’re using 4K resolution, as this is the industry standard in the cinematic world. The thing that makes 2016 a marvelous time to be alive is the fact that this visual capacity is no longer exclusive to movie theaters showing big budget Hollywood blockbusters. Now you can enjoy those same blockbusters with that same visual cinematic experience in the privacy of your living room.


And if you don’t already have 4K, now would be the time to get it. Within the next decade, over half the nation’s homes will be equipped with technology that provides the most vivid and entrancing visual experience in existence.


If you work hard and you think you deserve the best movie and television viewing experience at the end of the day, 4K resolution will make you a happy customer. Don’t wait another minute.  Add 4K resolution to your home entertainment system today. Call Cyber Technologies at 845-223-1628 and we’ll install it right away.

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