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Our team of conscientious, licensed professionals at Cyber have many years’ experience in Fire Alarm Systems NYC. At Cyber Technologies we take pride in providing excellent Fire Alarm Systems NYC services to ensure your home or commercial property’s fire alarm system is functioning properly and can detect any fire or smoke hazards.

After all, timing is everything when it comes to a fire or smoke emergency. The quicker your fire alarm system detects the problem, the faster sprinklers will be activated and emergency services will attend to the situation. Fire Alarm Systems NYC are not only essential to ensure that lives will be saved in the unfortunate event of a fire, but they’re also a legal requirement.

All building owners are required and legally responsible for having their fire alarm equipment tested and inspected on a semi-annual and annual basis for various items related to the fire alarm system.

Today’s computerized alarm systems are integrated with many other building components, such as air handling and venting systems, fire doors and elevators. But the basic function is the same: to detect smoke, fire, or water flow in a sprinkler system and send an alarm to occupants and to those who can take action – the local fire department.

What are the different kinds of fire alarm systems?

An initiating device is any component that provides an incoming signal to the fire alarm control unit. It may be a smoke detector on the ceiling, a beam detector in an atrium, or a heat detector in a machine room.

A heat detector is an initiating device which activates at a certain temperature (a fixed temperature type), or responds to the rate of temperature change (the rate of rise time).

How often do I need to schedule fire alarm testing?

–  Water-flow devices are to be tested semi-annually.

–  Supervisory signal devices, such as valve tamper switches, need to be inspected and tested quarterly. Look for leaks, corrosion, and physical damage.

–  Radiant energy fire detectors should too be inspected on a quarterly basis. Make sure the lenses are clean and free of contaminants.

Initiating devices can prove to be the biggest challenge in your testing program because there are many different kinds, all requiring different tests. This is particularly troublesome if you’ve got a large facility. That’s why it’s best to leave the stress of fire alarm testing Westchester to the professionals.

Cyber Technologies know the requirements of Fire Alarm Systems NYC inside out, allowing you to focus on growing your business rather than worrying about the potential for a fire to ruin all of your hard work.

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