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Cyber Technologies Offering Service Based Plans to Vacation/Second Home Owners - CYBER TECHNOLOGIES
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Cyber Technologies Offering Service Based Plans to Vacation/Second Home Owners

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Cyber Technologies Offering Service Based Plans to Vacation/Second Home Owners

There are many perks that come with owning a vacation/second home.  Nothing beats a beautiful get away from your everyday life.  Unfortunately with those perks may also come some headaches.  Leaving your home alone for extended periods of time may leave you a bit surprised upon your next visit.  There are a number of things that can go wrong when leaving your home unattended for months on end.  Below are the top three problems you may encounter.

The Top 3 Issues

  • Security and Home Automation Systems:    Storms can bring down tree branches which can affect the operation of security, home automation systems, networking devices and other services that Cyber Technologies provided. Powerful electrical storms have been known to cause electrical power to go off.  This loss of power can sometimes create hiccups in your systems. This is a major inconvenience, especially when you consider that you may not be around for months on end.  Our automation systems can provide you with the notification that an issue has occurred and you can contact us to follow up further on the issue to make sure this won’t take time away from enjoying your time off.
  • Water Related:  If your current alarm system doesn’t have water detection in the home you may want to consider having it installed so if there is a water leak you can be notified and respond accordingly.
  • Power Outages:  Power outages or brown outs can be the culprit of many problems you can experience with your main house or second home. Having some systems in place that can notify you of particular conditions can go a long way in helping you enjoy your getaway.

The Solution!

Having a service plan in place with Cyber Technologies can help reduce if not eliminate these items from interfering with your enjoyment of your home. Think of us as your technical caretaker! We can make sure the systems in your home are running the way you want and expect them. For more information on our services contact Cyber Technologies today.

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