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Cyber Technologies New York Systems Integration Helping with Around the Clock Security - CYBER TECHNOLOGIES
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Cyber Technologies New York Systems Integration Helping with Around the Clock Security

Cyber Technologies New York Systems Integration Helping with Around the Clock Security

The way we protect our home has come a long way in the last few years.  Cyber Technologies New York Systems Integration has changed how we keep an eye on our properties while we are not around.  It used to be that an alarm system consisted of some sensors on doors and windows, maybe a motion detector here and there.  Not anymore, with the way technology has been progressing we continue to see new and innovative ways of protecting your home.

The day of dial-and-dash will soon be behind us.  This is of course in reference to the old days when activating your alarm system was comparable to juggling 6 things at once.  Juggling bags, jiggling keys, moving along your kids while entering key codes will soon be a headache that you no longer will have to deal with.  Thanks to the Internet of Things we are now able to leave our home with ease not having to worry that our alarm system might go off.  By accessing your homes hub station through a wireless device you can now set your alarm when you’re in the comfort of your car.  How’s that for comfort?

With all these improvements we are finding that security systems can now be customized to fit our needs.  Some security providers have introduced a new device which can detect a change in water levels helping your home steer clear of water damage in basements.  Other devices that have been introduced into the field are smoke and carbon monoxide sensors that can be connected with your furnace through your wifi network stopping the circulation of poisonous gasses giving you a bit more time to get to safety.

Wireless infrared cameras can also be set up around the house with the ability to take 15 second video clips if the sensors are tripped.  These videos are then sent to you via emails or text messages.  This is extremely helpful for working parents who might want to see if their children have gotten home safely from school or who has come into the residents while their children are home alone.  The best part of all these new options is the fact that you don’t have to be home to access any of them.  You can arm, disarm, watch video and get alerts through a cell phone.

One of the major players in this new and exciting industry is Cyber Technologies.  With over a decade of experience we are the go to guys for many businesses and citizens alike.  For a more detailed look of our products and services contact Cyber Technologies today for our following services:

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Westchester Alarm Systems

New York City Security Alarms

New York City Alarm Systems






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