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Cyber Technologies New York Home Automation helping Elderly and Disabled - CYBER TECHNOLOGIES
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Cyber Technologies New York Home Automation helping Elderly and Disabled

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Cyber Technologies New York Home Automation helping Elderly and Disabled

There has been a movement recently which is empowering the elderly and disabled. Cyber Technology has been leading the way with system integration. Many people and companies are starting to notice the advantage of creating systems that can be integrated into the home. Young people without disabilities take things for granted sometimes. Simple task as turning on and off the lights can become a great challenge for someone with a disability.

This new form of home automation which is helping the elderly and disabled remain at home safe and comfortable is known as assistive domotics. This field uses the same technology and equipment used for your security, entertainment and energy conservation system but is more elderly and disabled friendly. With this new technology we are seeing elderly people opting to stay in their homes rather than move to a healthcare facility.

An inspiring story comes from Virginia where Retired Marine Sergeant John Peck lives. Sergeant John peck lost all of his limbs when he stepped on an IED when fighting for our country in Afghanistan in 2010. Needless to say John’s daily task became very difficult requiring him to have live in assistance. Fast forward a few years and John Peck is now an independent individual living on his own. Thanks to home automation technology this young hero is now able to provide for himself. He admits that having a smart house doesn’t compare to when he wasn’t disabled but it sure does help a lot to the point that he does not need around the clock assistance.

His home is laid out in a helpful way. The dishwasher, washing machine and dryer are all raised allowing him for easier access. The counter tops are lowered allowing him to plate dishes and prepare dinners. His cabinets seem normal until a touch of a button reveals a sliding mechanism which brings his items down to eye level. Lights, fans, security systems, climate control, entertainment systems are all connected to a central station which can then be controlled from a tablet.

Home automation is not just the “new cool must have gadget” anymore, it has actually become a helpful tool for those with needs. Cyber Technology Inc. has been a pioneer in this field with over a decade of experience. During our tenure we have made it our business to stay up to date on the newest technology and providing quality customer service. Home automation have affected many fields. Although mostly entertainment and household needs we have seen home automation take a new direction in its use towards keeping your family safe. Check out the following examples:
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