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Cyber Technologies and Nest Labs Joining Forces to Save You Money on Your Home Energy Bill - CYBER TECHNOLOGIES
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Cyber Technologies and Nest Labs Joining Forces to Save You Money on Your Home Energy Bill

Cyber Technologies

Cyber Technologies and Nest Labs Joining Forces to Save You Money on Your Home Energy Bill

It used to be that the words “Home Automation” didn’t mean much a few years back, all that has changed with companies like “Nest Labs”.  Their introduction of the smart thermostat has revolutionized the industry and has brought Home Automation into the main stream media.

Cyber Technologies is a proud provider of Nest Labs products and other major Home Automation companies.  Nest Labs has proven time and again that old conventional thermostats are a waste of money.  Nest studies have shown that an un-programmed thermostat can cost you 180 dollars a year.  Nest lab cuts back on these costs and many others by implementing the following:

Auto -Schedule:

The majority of people only have one setting for their temperature throughout the day.  Nest lowers your energy usage by learning your schedule and preferences.  It then uses this knowledge to program itself.  This system has seen results ranging in 20% off your heating and cooling bill.


This is achieved through the use of Nest-Sense.  Nest-Sense is an exclusive combination of sensors and algorithms.  Auto-Away helps customers save on their energy bill by reducing heating and cooling in empty homes.  Nest has built in sensors that allow it to sense when you are away.  How many times have you run out of your home and forgotten to lower or turn off your heater?  With Auto Away this will be a problem of the past.


Through the use of airwave your thermostat can detect the amount of humidity in your home.  After detecting the humidity it can apply the adequate amount of cooling to keep your home in a comfortable zone.  Airwave has shown a decrease of 20 percent on AC usage directly resulting in lower bills.

Nest Leaf:

The Nest Leaf is an added degree of savings.  The leaf is an icon that appears on your thermostat that guides you to personalized energy savings for your home.  The leaf challenges you to choose temperatures that you normally don’t use.  They might be a little bit higher or lower than you would normally choose.  The difference of one degree can result in 5% savings on your heating and cooling bill per year.


By far this has to be one of the coolest features Nest thermostat has to offer.  Auto-Tune finds several ways to lower your energy bill.  Auto-Tune at times may make you feel as if your Thermostat is actually alive and thinking.  Auto-Tune powers two Nest services:

a)      Seasonal Savings:  Nest Thermostat uses your information over a few weeks to fine tune your schedule.  Before making the smallest of changes, Nest Thermostat takes your temperature preference, occupancy info, schedule and even live weather into account.  All this info is maintained in the “Cloud”.

b)      Rush Hour Rewards:  With this option you can tweak your temps throughout the day depending on “Energy Rush Hours”.  This is the time of day when most energy is being used such as hot afternoons when everyone is returning home from work and turn on their cooling all at once.

Cyber Technologies has made it its mission to collaborate with Home Automation and System Integration industry leaders such as Nest labs, Savant Systems and Sonos Systems just to name a few.  With over a decade of experience Cyber Technologies can help you make the right choice for your home and business.  For more information contact Cyber Technologies today!

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