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Happy Holidays!

The entire team at Cyber Technologies wishes you Happy Holidays. Thank you for granting us the opportunity to serve your needs. Have you purchased your electronics somewhere else? Call us! We’re here to help you set them up correctly....

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Lutron HomeWorks QS

Smart Homes: The world at our reach

Domotics aren’t cheap, but they don’t have to be as expensive as we think they are. Their price will always depend on many variables, from the size to the kind of living space where they’re supposed to be installed and what kind of automation functionalities we want from the system.   Heating controlled by smartphones, robots that clean when you are not in the house, a video doorman that detects movement signals, that’s domotics: a set of systems based on new technologies that are applied at home.   Domotics are no longer a science fiction concept, the number of homes that have integrated these...

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5 Brilliant ways to use Lighting Control

Having a lighting control system has many benefits. Once your whole home is on one system, the potential is limitless, and you can get really creative with what you can do with your home’s lighting. Here are out favorite ways to use lighting control systems to effectively ‘light up your life’!   1. Safe and Sound: Your family’s safety is very important, and having a lighting control system such as HomeWorks QS allows you to add to the safety of your home. As you arrive, all you’ll need to do is press a single button to light up the exterior of your...

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The Biggest Home Security Mistakes you can easily avoid

Having a fully secure home is becoming an essential part of having peace of mind. However, there are many aspects of home security that people miss out on with sometimes devastating results. With crime continually on the rise, Cybertech has come up with some tips and tricks to help you improve your home security in no time at all.   1. No CCTV: The sight alone of a cctv camera is enough to deter burglars- even the presence of a fake cctv camera in some cases does the trick.  However, the real deal does have plenty of other benefits and is more...

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Light The Way Forward With Lutron

Lighting is something that we react to on an emotional level. It affects our alertness, our ability to concentrate and our stress levels. Since we have begun to light our homes, we have aimed for lighting that is as similar to sunlight as possible, as sunlight makes us feel better than anything simulated. This is why it is important to bring as much daylight into our homes as we can. The trouble is, it can make things too hot, and can cause damage to our expensive furnishings such as rugs, couches and even degrade paintings and photographs. Shade control solutions...

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Choosing the Sonos Speaker That’s Right for You

Sonos has become a synonym to multiroom audio. Being on the market for quite awhile now, it offers one of the best app platforms in the world of music technology. Some people use multiple streaming services, and some prefer to play their own music. Whatever your preference, controlling all of it is doable from just one central app. It’s possible to play a specific song in just one room of the house or to have the same song playing throughout the whole house. Everyone has their own music preferences and desires. Choosing a speaker for your home that’s right for...

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Get More Sound with Sonos and Spotify

Advancements continue to happen in the world of Sonos. Just last month Sonos released a public beta giving users the option to control all music through the Spotify app. Spotify is a video, podcast, and music streaming service that has blown up since its launch in 2008. Spotify has apps available for most computers, smartphones, and tablets. The "Spotify Connect" streaming functionality allows users to listen to music through a range of entertainment systems. And now, this includes Sonos speakers. How do I connect Sonos with Spotify? While you listen to music in the Spotify app, select the "devices available" option. This...

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New Features Of The Sonos Public Beta 6.4 Update

Just a few months ago Sonos introduced a new public beta software update which has plenty of new features. With simplified music playback via your queue or from individual tracks, there are also new playlist functions. Here are some of the latest highlights of the public beta 6.4: Keep the music going Our biggest change yet - you can now tap any song once, and it starts playing. Choose a song from a playlist or album. Sonos will continue to play whatever is in line next, which automatically replaces your queue. After it's complete, Sonos will automatically rotate the album in order....

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Savvy New Features of the Savant Pro 8.0

For those who are unaware of the Savant Pro Remote, you’ve been missing out in the latest of smart home automation. This cool high-tech tool has the convenience of a universal remote with smart home automation abilities. Although the Pro 8.0 came out earlier this year, we want to make sure potential buyers are privy to all it has to offer: Scene creation There’s nothing like having the right ambience in every room. The ‘fast capture’ feature makes this possible. This is a tool that allows you to register and use a room’s existing settings to save time. Although there are...

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2 Undeniable Perks To Lutron Motorized Shades In The Office

There’s a lot that goes into running a functional business. You have the rising cost of your rented office space. There’s also the ongoing struggle to properly manage time between training and work. Among the many challenges are two very crucial variables, both of which you can remedy with one very simple solution. On the one hand, you have your monthly expenditure, constantly digging into your budget and putting pressure on your bottom line. On the other hand, you have your employee experience. As an employer, you have a duty to make sure that those working for you are happy...

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