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Control4 Impresses In CEDIA Expo - CYBER TECHNOLOGIES
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Control4 Impresses In CEDIA Expo

New York home automation

Control4 Impresses In CEDIA Expo

The CEDIA Expo is a conference showcasing all of the latest and most progressive innovations of the year in smart home and office technology. The showcase has been growing annually in the number of participants and guests, and at this point, is worth reviewing, as many of the latest products have been remarkably forward-thinking. Last year, in the CEDIA Expo 2015, one of the most notable releases was the new operating system by Control4, which is equipped with freshly improved audio and security features. It’s called the OS2.8 and it has a newly refurbished user interface with easier-to-use features ranging from music streaming to security to personalization. Here is a more detailed look at all of the perks that come with it and why this should be the next addition to your New York home automation.


Music Streaming Capabilities

Users of the new Control4 OS have access to Pandora, Deezer, Tidal (which has CD-caliber lossless sound quality) and a handful of other streaming services that are set to be made more accessible within the US in the coming months. One of the best aspects of the streaming capabilities is its ability to integrate all of them into one app in one device. You can also now stream multiple stations all at once throughout the house. This comes in handy since there will likely be multiple people wanting to listen to different music in various rooms. Until recently, that wasn’t possible, but with the Control4 OS2.8, there will be no more infighting amongst a home’s music enthusiasts. Music sharing will also be far easier now. Anyone accessing iTunes on an iOS device (iPhones or iPads) can share songs, albums, etc. with others in different zones of the house.


Better Security Features

Get acquainted with the new Mockupancy feature, which automatically activates all aspects of daily living when you are away on vacation or business, so as to give off the impression that someone is home. This is meant to prevent break-ins, as a dark home can be an invitation for burglars. The way it works is it records the habits of inhabitants and mimics them while you are away, so that no one would be able to tell whether there’s been any change. This applies to the use of lights, home entertainment, music streaming and anything else that you so choose to integrate into your smart home system.


Other Cool Features

  • New Drivers: The new OS is designed to be compatible with Honeywell, Napco, Interlogix and DSC.


  • Cloud Backup: Protect your information from disaster by storing it in the cloud. All of your music, documents, etc. will be safe in case anything happens.
  • More Immediate Security Response: Customers now can activate or deactivate their security features from their mobile devices. That means from a TV remote, cell phone, or tablet. That pertains to door locks, windows, alarms and more. You can also open and close the garage door, any gates to the house, and any other doors as well.
  • Search Security Features: In case of an incident, the Control4 is designed to make it easier for you to retrace past events in order to figure out where, when and how a perpetrator managed to get into your home.



The next CEDIA Expo will be in September and Control4 is likely to continue to impress. The Control4 OS2.8 is available now and can be installed in your home by Cyber Technologies. All you have to do is call us at 845-223-1628 to set up an appointment. We are the New York home automation company for you and we’re open for business.

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