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Control4 Home Automation NYC - CYBER TECHNOLOGIES
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Control4 Home Automation NYC

What is your definition of luxury? Think of the inconveniences of life at home. The little things you never felt worthy of complaining about, but underneath have at times left you seething with rage. The uncooperative remote control that won’t work unless you point it at the exact right angle. The lights you just remembered you left on moments before falling asleep. The door you forgot to lock when you were rushing to work. Now erase all of those hassles entirely and you have yourself the latest in technology.

Introducing the Control4 Home Automation operating system (OS), where life gets made easier than you ever knew it could be. The Control4 allows you to transform your home and business into a smart home or smart business by providing the most innovative technology available. Its name says it all – with Control4, you can have complete control over any device in your home or business. Providing elegant but affordable solutions to controlling lighting, music, video, security and energy in one room and/or throughout your entire property, Control4 keeps you connected to your home or business 24/7.

Below is a brief list of just some of the countless luxuries you’ll be enjoying:

  • Native streaming services: Pandora, Deezer, Tidal, Spotify, and more. The new Control4 OS will have more music than ever before.
  • Compatible with both Android and Apple: Your allegiance has no weight with the Control4, as it is a utilitarian device that’s friendly to any and all clients.
  • Security:
    • Mockupied: Control4 is taking security to a new level, with such features as the “mockupied” setting, in which the system makes your house operate periodically throughout the day when you go away either to work or on vacation in order to make the house look occupied to burglars. That includes lights, shades, and other features that make it seem like the house is in use.
    • Door and window management from single intuitive interface: You will also be able to manage all door and window locks throughout the house via Wi-Fi, including the garage door. So if you were running late this morning, you can relax because all you need to do is press a button from your workplace to cover all your bases.
    • New contextual data for security events: Any time your alarm is disarmed, or your back door in opened, you will know it immediately. So if anyone tries to break in, you will be able to contact the authorities in minutes from any location.
  • Many many many more perks: The list seems endless as to all the different ways in which the Control4 2.8 can make your life easier and more stimulating than ever before.

Want to have complete control over your house at all times, so that when you’re home, you’re relaxing, and when you’re away, rest assured, no one’s going in or out without you knowing about it? What are you waiting for? Call Cyber Technologies now at 845-233-1628, or email us anytime at to have it installed in no time.

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