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Choosing the Sonos Speaker That’s Right for You - CYBER TECHNOLOGIES
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Choosing the Sonos Speaker That’s Right for You

Choosing the Sonos Speaker That’s Right for You

Sonos has become a synonym to multiroom audio. Being on the market for quite awhile now, it offers one of the best app platforms in the world of music technology. Some people use multiple streaming services, and some prefer to play their own music. Whatever your preference, controlling all of it is doable from just one central app. It’s possible to play a specific song in just one room of the house or to have the same song playing throughout the whole house. Everyone has their own music preferences and desires. Choosing a speaker for your home that’s right for you isn’t a problem with the following options from Sonos:


The smallest of the three may be mini-sized, but the sound sure is mighty. It fits in any space and fills any room. If you like listening to music while you shower, the Play:1 is humidity resistant making it perfect for the bathroom or backyard. This speaker uses two state of the art digital amplifiers that couples with two speaker drivers to deliver big sound to any room. Moreover, two Play:1s work as Sonos home theater rear speakers. Mount this speaker on the wall or a stand – either way you’ll be getting pure, clean sound.


This mid-sized home speaker brings stereo sound. It’s versatile and fits perfectly in short and wide or tall and narrow spaces. The stereo sound is intense with shockingly deep bass for a speaker that size. Mount it vertically or horizontally – the sound stays amazing both ways. Similar to the Play:1, two Play:3s work as Sonos home theater rear speakers. You can also turn two Play:3s into separate left and right channel speakers if you want a bigger and deeper sound.


If you’re looking for the boldest sound, bigger is better when considering the Play:5. Reaching 8.5 inches tall and 14.5 inches wide, is Sonos’s largest home speaker yet. Unlike the Play:1 and Play:3, the Play:5 uses six state of the art digital amplifiers with the same number of speaker drivers. It delivers great sound to every room. Go as loud as you wish with the Play:5 because audible distortion is non-existent with this speaker. All you receive is remarkable clarity.

Whichever speaker you choose, you can stay confident that Sonos is the way to go. To stay on the cutting edge in the world of technology, contact us at Cyber Technologies in upstate New York. We specialize in audio/video systems, home automation, climate control, and more. We stay focused on the needs of our clients and give them solutions that work. Contact us today to schedule an appointment at (845) 233-1628.

From the Cyber Technologies team, we’d like to wish you all a very happy Thanksgiving!

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