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CE Pro Reviewed Leon Speakers - CYBER TECHNOLOGIES
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CE Pro Reviewed Leon Speakers

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CE Pro Reviewed Leon Speakers

It was nearly one year ago that the home technology magazine CE Pro reviewed the latest and greatest of Leon Speakers, which left CEDIA Expo 2015 attendees spellbound. In the review, they discuss how Leon has been impressing its customers since 2010, back when it first introduced its sixteen foot tall dragon sound sculpture in a demo. The sound sculpture had blinking party lights and exquisite sonic depth. Now it’s six years later, and Leon has yet to disappoint.


In 2013, Leon added LED lights to its sound sculpture, giving them the truly modern feel that one would only expect in a time like now. Following the success of the expo, they put their sound sculpture on the market and it apparently sold inside of a couple weeks. Due to its success, it wasn’t long before a version was mass produced, and now it can be purchased and installed into your home with no problem. It ships in three modules and also comes with a red, green, and blue (RGB) lighting kit. The main difference of the version on the market and the original is that the new version is much more portable and less daunting and expensive to ship.


It comes with the sonically mesmerizing Leon speakers and a subwoofer that will make your hair stand up. It operates using Leon’s own Ultima platform, which has customized tweeters and a design that was created in collaboration with the home and car audio company Morel. Leon’s latest is most certainly among the highest quality products they’ve ever released.


Another outstanding feature reviewed by CE Pro was the Leon ToneCase, which essentially was a collection of products designed to conceal Sonos speakers in a “Playbar soundbar”. The ToneCase includes a TV mount as well as a collection of hardwood cabinets in which you can place your Sonos speakers.


Leon and Sonos are just two among nearly a dozen other partners, all of whose products you can have installed in your home, effectively improving your daily living and upping your property value, simply by calling Cyber Technologies. The whole process can be complete in no time, and by choosing us as your smart home technology provider and installer, you can rest assured that our installations will be exceptionally well integrated, long lasting and requiring minimal maintenance.


We don’t just offer speaker technology. We install everything relating to home and office smart technology, including automated lighting, smart security, and much much more. If you think it’s just about time that you invested in a Greenwich home automation installation, give us a call today at 212-479-0830 to set up an appointment.

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