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CCTV or Alarm System: Which System is Best for You? - CYBER TECHNOLOGIES
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CCTV or Alarm System: Which System is Best for You?

Closed Circuit NY

CCTV or Alarm System: Which System is Best for You?

Most business owners and home owners ask themselves this question at some point in their life.  The answer really comes down to what is best for your personal needs when it comes to your business or home.  We here at Cyber Technologies have been providing our clients with both CCTV and Alarm systems for well over a decade.  Let us help you come to the right choice for your home or business.

So you’re in the market for a new system but not quite sure which to go with?  Let’s start off by explaining what each system does.

Alarm System:

An Alarm system is just that, a system that alarms.  Its overall function is to detect when someone is trying to break into your private property through the use of motion detectors and electronic clasps and then inform you or a central station of this break in.  Most alarm systems nowadays are set up so that the central station contacts your local police station making for a speedy visit from law enforcement.

CCTV Systems:

CCTV stands for Closed Circuit Television.  It is the use of video cameras to transmit signal to a set of monitors.  The signal is not openly transmitted such as broadcast television hence the name “Closed Circuit”. These systems are mostly used in areas that need surveillance such as alley ways, casinos, banks and convenience stores just to name a few.  In industrial plants and factories CCTV systems have been known to be used for quality and management control by keeping an eye out on employee work habits.

So…. Which One Do I Go With?

An alarm system is great for your business when you are away, it will effectively detect the motion of an intruder while you are away but it doesn’t do much for you during business hours.  Although these systems are good at detecting intruders and informing the police in a matter of seconds there is one key component missing, video proof.

This is where a CCTV system comes into play.  With law enforcement agents being undermanned or short staffed you might not get the speediest of response from your local police station.  That’s where a CCTV system comes in handy.  With a CCTV system you are capturing proof of someone’s identity and actions.  This will drastically up your chances of justice being served on your behalf.  Be it a break in, petty theft or vandalism, a CCTV system can hold people accountable for their actions.

Your best option is to go with an alarm system as well as a CCTV system.  With this combo you’ll be giving your property the best odds against intrusion.  Your alarm system will communicate with your local law enforcement and alert the intruder that police is aware of their presence while your surveillance system will capture all the necessary evidence to convict your intruder of a crime.

We’re Here For You

For a more detailed look at our Closed Circuit NY, New York City CCTV Systems, New Canaan Alarm Systems and Fairfield Alarm Systems contact Cyber Technologies today.  Our sales team and technicians will help you make the best choice for your home and business needs.

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