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Home Automation

Light The Way Forward With Lutron

Lighting is something that we react to on an emotional level. It affects our alertness, our ability to concentrate and our stress levels. Since we have begun to light our homes, we have aimed for lighting that is as similar to sunlight as possible, as sunlight makes us feel better than anything simulated. This is why it is important to bring as much daylight into our homes as we can. The trouble is, it can make things too hot, and can cause damage to our expensive furnishings such as rugs, couches and even degrade paintings and photographs. Shade control solutions...

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Choosing the Sonos Speaker That’s Right for You

Sonos has become a synonym to multiroom audio. Being on the market for quite awhile now, it offers one of the best app platforms in the world of music technology. Some people use multiple streaming services, and some prefer to play their own music. Whatever your preference, controlling all of it is doable from just one central app. It’s possible to play a specific song in just one room of the house or to have the same song playing throughout the whole house. Everyone has their own music preferences and desires. Choosing a speaker for your home that’s right for...

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Get More Sound with Sonos and Spotify

Advancements continue to happen in the world of Sonos. Just last month Sonos released a public beta giving users the option to control all music through the Spotify app. Spotify is a video, podcast, and music streaming service that has blown up since its launch in 2008. Spotify has apps available for most computers, smartphones, and tablets. The "Spotify Connect" streaming functionality allows users to listen to music through a range of entertainment systems. And now, this includes Sonos speakers. How do I connect Sonos with Spotify? While you listen to music in the Spotify app, select the "devices available" option. This...

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We all know how difficult it can be to wake up in the morning. This is especially true in the winter when darkness hasn’t yet dissipated at 7am. Not only natural light, but also thermostat levels play a huge role in your level of comfort at home. Levels of comfort also include having a low cost of monthly energy bills. Luckily, Lutron Shading Solutions is the perfect answer to optimizing your home to be as comfortable and energy-efficient as possible. The beauty of automated shades lies in the schedule. They can be set to open and close with the time of...

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All The Special Features Of The RadioRA 2

The RadioRA 2 is the technology of today that will leave you at a loss of desire. As you sink into your favorite sofa, for the first time in your life, things will finally just feel right. The room will be at the perfect temperature. In fact, you’ll retain the ability to set the entire house at the exact temperature you want. The lights will be at the exact amount of dimness that fits the ambience of the movie or television show you’re watching. And you’ll have total control over the amount of sunlight that enters the room because you’ll...

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Adjusting Shades Manually Is The Worst!

No matter whether you’ve been having a wonderful day out in the sun, enjoying the nice weather and just basking in bliss, or if you’ve been struggling to stay positive on a dreary rainy day and just moments away from reaching the limits of your patience, there’s really nothing that can ruin everything quite like an uncooperative set of shades. It’s the kind of thing that makes reasonable folks shudder in distress. You know the feeling. When you’re busy minding your business, going about your day and living life, and all of a sudden, someone casually asks you to either...

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The Benefits Of Dolby Atmos Surround Sound

Who knows what the future holds? As far as home entertainment goes, who even cares? Considering what we already have in the present, what more could you ask for? The real question isn’t what will be possible in the future, but rather, what is possible in the now that is still missing from that beautiful home entertainment system you’ve spent so much time crafting and perfecting. In addition to your immaculately vivid 4K resolution screen, let us not forget about the importance of sound.   Familiarize yourself with Dolby Atmos surround sound technology, which was first released into the world some four...

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The Future Of 4K Resolution

The future is here. Right here in your home entertainment system. 4K resolution will define how we think of home entertainment for years to come. But before we get started talking about the future, let’s first take a step back and review just what 4K resolution is exactly.   4K is when a device uses horizontal resolution that exceeds 4,000 pixels and a vertical resolution that exceeds 2,000 pixels. It’s now available on mobile devices, but more importantly, it’s now available in your home entertainment system. Whenever you hear about filmmakers shooting in digital, you can assume that they’re using 4K resolution,...

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Greenwich home automation

Come See Our Lutron Triathlon Shades

Nothing’s quite like a nice coffee view in the morning to start the day off on the right foot. The same goes for some urban scenery over a glass of wine before heading to bed. But in between those meditative moments, peering through the biggest window in your house, it’s nice to have a bit of privacy. That goes for when you’re off to sleep or when you’re off to work. And we all know that it’s a bit of a hassle getting those blinds down. It’s a minor inconvenience but an inconvenience nonetheless. One that we’ve all lost our...

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Scarsdale home automation

Why You Want Professionals Installing Your Control4

The Control4 is popping up in households all across America. Not surprisingly, with the rise of the Internet, a lot of people want to try to install it on their own. The tech savvy are a lot easier to come by these days. As the influence of Silicon Valley takes its hold on United States culture, we see more techies and IT specialists come out of the woodwork with each year. And for the rest of society, we have the Internet to tell us how things work. As a result, we’ve witnessed the rise of the do-it-yourself culture, which in...

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