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Bump Keys: The Newest Craze for Home Buglers - CYBER TECHNOLOGIES
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Bump Keys: The Newest Craze for Home Buglers

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Bump Keys: The Newest Craze for Home Buglers

A new security threat has been unleashed on the public.  The term “Lock Bumping” is not familiar to most but as of late has been getting much Media attention.  So what is Lock Bumping? Lock Bumping is a technique used by buglers or anyone that wants access to your home, lockers and even bike locks.  This technique is most effective against pin tumbler locks which lo and behold are the majority of locks out there.    Researchers estimate that 95 percent of homes and businesses locks are susceptible to a bum key attack.

You might be thinking I use a dead bolt no one can get into that.  Well the fact remains that most deadbolt locks use the pin tumbler system.  The only dead bolt that is effective against this type of intrusion is one which you would have to manually do while inside your home leaving your home vulnerable when you are not there.

So how do these keys work?  Pin tumbler locks contain key pin as well as driver pins.  These are located within the core and cylinder.  When in a locked position the key pins occupy the same pin hole and are pushed together by a spring, preventing rotation of the core.  When you insert a a correct key into the keyhole all these pins align along the shear line which makes the opening of the lock possible.  If the wrong key is used the shear line is never aligned not allowing for the lock to open.

With the use of a bump key you impact force or a “bump” to force the key deeper into the lock.  By doing this you are causing the key pins and driver pins to be jarred upwards which makes an alignment in the shear line allowing the intruder to turn the lock and gain access.  Unlike lock picking anyone can do this.  A lock picker needs to be skilled in order to break into a lock without adding damage to the lock itself, where as someone using a bump key does not require any experience at all and is capable of leaving the crime scene without any proof of forced entry.

It is important to know that a simple lock will not prevent intruders from breaking in.  Bolt locks and pin tumbler locks is not a deterrent anymore.  With all these new gadgets break ins have become easier than ever.  That why it is important to arm yourself with a security system.  Cyber technologies with over a decade of experience has helped many families and homes feel their safest.  With the latest in Home security systems Cyber Technologies will keep your fears at ease.  Contact Cyber Technologies today for our following services:

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