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Benefits of the Award-Winning Control4 HC-800 Smart Hub - CYBER TECHNOLOGIES
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Benefits of the Award-Winning Control4 HC-800 Smart Hub


Benefits of the Award-Winning Control4 HC-800 Smart Hub

3 years ago, at the International Consumer Electronics Show (CES 2012), Control4 unveiled their new high-performance HC-800 home automation controller. Here are the benefits of the HC-800:

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  • Award-Winning Operating System: The Control4 Operating System (OS) is easy-to-use, and offers unparalleled functionality for your smart home. This operating system allows you to control almost every smart device in your house from a user-friendly graphic interface (including lighting, climate control, and security). As long as you’re connected to the internet, you can control your home from your smartphone, laptop, or desktop computer. Moreover, the Control4 OS is continuously improved, and the developers are always adding new features and upgrades.
  • Dual-Core 1.8 GHz Processor: This powerful processor is the perfect complement for the Control4 OS. With this processor, the response time is extremely fast… and the HC-800 is able to easily control almost all the smart devices in your home (it doesn’t matter if you install the HC-800 in an upstairs home theater room). This is the most powerful processor ever delivered by Control4.
  • Ultra-Slim Design: The height of the HC-800 is less than two inches, so it doesn’t take a lot of space.
  • Connectivity: Control4 created something called Simple Device Discovery Protocol (SSDP), software that’s built into electronic products to make integration with your Control4 HC-800 a quick, easy, and seamless process. Leading consumer electronics manufacturers (including Sony, Pioneer, Yamaha, and Epson) started including the SSDP software in their products since 2012… and today Control4 is able to support over 8,000 different devices.
  • Next-Generation ZigBee Processor: This processor (combined with the 1.8 GHz dual-core processor) delivers never-seen-before speed and system responsiveness. Now you can control almost everything in your home faster than you ever thought possible.
  • 4 audio outputs (2 analog, 1 digital, and 1 HDMI): No need for a secondary media player, now you can enjoy your music in up to 4 zones. In other words, a single device now allows you to have different music playing in up to 4 areas of your home.
  • eSATA & USB ports: If you save your favorite music, videos, and movies inside an external storage unit… then you can simply plug your USB flash drive (or external hard drive) into the USB port you’ll find in the back of the HC-800.

If you want a robust, easy-to-use smart hub that supports thousands of devices… then the HC-800 is indeed your best option. However, Control4 products require professional installation by a certified company. Cyber Technologies has provided top-notch home automation solutions for more than a decade… and they’re the most experienced and knowledgeable expert team you’ll find in the Hudson Valley. If you’re looking to install a Control4 HC-800 in your home, then you should contact a home automation specialist at (845)-223-1628.

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