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New Mexican Couple Explains Why You Should Automate Your Home - CYBER TECHNOLOGIES
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New Mexican Couple Explains Why You Should Automate Your Home

new york home automation

New Mexican Couple Explains Why You Should Automate Your Home

Rick and Cynthia Torcasso live in Santa Fe, New Mexico. They have a comfortable lifestyle in a sprawling 5,000 square foot piece of property on a hillside and they are happy living there. But they didn’t know the degree of luxury that could be attained until they invested in home automation. Before moving to New Mexico, they had previously lived in Dallas, Texas, where they were first introduced to the technology. They used Elan g! and were beyond satisfied. New Mexico and Texas aren’t the only places that have nice things. Here’s every reason why it’s worth your while to invest in New York home automation. Here’s what they’ve taken away from their experience.


Their lights and shades were motorized and automated. They retained complete control of their home’s temperature from a mobile device at all times of the day, and in a place like New Mexico, that can make a world of a difference in a homeowner’s quality of living, seeing as how the climate fluctuates between some 20 plus degree every day. They also had access to their music library from every room in the house. And it’s all in the cloud, so at no point have they ever had to pick and choose what songs they want to keep and which to toss away. For the music lovers out there, this should number one selling point. Not to mention that that music gets played through speakers of the highest quality that have been installed into the walls, giving them an ideal panoramic listening experience. And finally, and this goes especially for the New Yorkers, there was the security measures.


They had six surveillance cameras, which may seem excessive in a place like Santa Fe, but would be greatly beneficial to any New York resident. They also have 12 thermostats and interior and exterior light fixtures.


But above all else, there was one particular upgrade they made from Dallas to Santa Fe that made the experience ideal. That upgrade was the integration of all of these luxuries into one. Instead of having ten controllers doing ten different things, the Torcassos realized they could just enjoy everything from one handheld device in the form of an app to which they could maintain control at all times of the day, regardless of whether or not they’re home.


This was managed by installing touch panels in various locations of the home. That includes bedrooms, the family room, kitchen, etc., providing them control of all features, including the position of their window shades. This came in especially handy for movie viewing and sleeping in. If you’re from New York you should let this last thought sink in. There’s nothing quite like waking up on a snow day to learn you need no go to work, closing the shades and going back to sleep without ever having to leave the comfort of your bed. And then once you’re up, flip on the TV, dim the lights, enjoy. And finally, once you’re finally ready to start your day, you can open up those shades and start the day off right to your favorite soundtrack.
If you want your home to look and work like that of the Torcassos, call Cyber Technologies today at 212-479-0830 to get your New York home automation installed.

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