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How audio speakers have gone from Copper horns to $3.2 billion mega deals between Apple Inc. and Beats Electronics - CYBER TECHNOLOGIES
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How audio speakers have gone from Copper horns to $3.2 billion mega deals between Apple Inc. and Beats Electronics

How audio speakers have gone from Copper horns to $3.2 billion mega deals between Apple Inc. and Beats Electronics

The creation of the loudspeaker had to be one of the major breakthroughs in the 19th century.  It paved the way for many of the inventions we have the luxury of using in our daily lives.  Think about it…. Telephones/cell phones, television, radio’s, PA Systems, computers, would not be what they are today or flat out not exist if it weren’t for loudspeakers.  Although the loudspeakers beginnings started off humbly enough it soon took off and became the juggernaut that it is today.  The audio Technology Industry is a multibillion-dollar industry which fuel many outlets.  Be it the entertainment or transportation industry you’d be hard pressed to find an industry that is not fully emerged in this invention.

A horn and a metal cylinder with tin foil wrapped around it, these were the building blocks for what would later go on to become the audio industry.  It took a great mind to transform these items into such a useful invention.  Thomas Edison first patented the idea of the phonograph in February.19, 1878.  Ever the visionary Edison soon began to offer possible usage for his new invention.  Reproduction of music, recorded books for the blind, music boxes and toys were all on the table as far as Edison was concerned.  Would you believe Edison was one of the first advocates for phone recordings? Although not in a malicious way Edison was interested in preserving permanent and invaluable records over the transmission of the telephone through the use of this technology.   It’s worth noting that although Edison contributed a big part in what would become the audio world other inventors were hard at work as well.  Johann Philipp Reis is said to have developed a simple type of electronic speaker, unfortunately the sounds produced was not audible and said to be just an experiment.  Alexander Graham Bell found more success using the works of Mr. Reis.  Werner Von Siemens came up with the idea of the electromagnetic coil driven speaker back in 1877.  He had no way to amplify the sound but it turns out that his theory was correct.

It wasn’t until electricity was introduced into the mix that we start seeing smaller and more powerful loudspeakers. The first modern loudspeaker was introduced into the market in 1921 by C.W. Rice of General Electric and E.W. Kellogg of AT&T.  The most commonly used speaker in the world is the dynamic Loudspeaker.  This loudspeaker uses an electromagnetic coil and diaphragm to create sound.  Its relatively low cost of production along with exceptional sound has allowed the dynamic loudspeaker to dominate the market.  Fast forward a century and we see just how important this invention truly was.  Our life would not be anywhere near enjoyable if not for some visionaries.  Just as Edison had stated, valuable moments would have been lost to the wind if not for inventions that could retain and play back audible information.

In keeping with the visionary tradition Cyber Technologies has held the torch in the audio world by being one of the leading innovators in custom installed speakers and electronics.  We thrive to ensure that 100 plus years of innovation does not go to waste.

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