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April Means Fire Alarm System Testing - CYBER TECHNOLOGIES
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April Means Fire Alarm System Testing

April Means Fire Alarm System Testing

As we quietly turn the calendars from March to April this year, one thing that all too often goes forgotten is that it is time for the annual test of fire alarms. For service in your residential property this may be as easy as making an appointment (don’t forget before it’s too late). For commercial properties, falling under the jurisdiction of the National Fire Alarm and Signaling Code 72 (NFPA 72) it may be quite a bit more complicated. The experts at Cyber Technologies  inspect, service and repair your fire protection system to keep you aligned with both national and local codes.

The NFPA code 72 implemented new changes in 2013. This means that your commercial property could be out of date when it comes to fire safety. When you are out of date in regards to your property’s fire safety there are a few things that are impacted. For one you are now vulnerable to the hefty fines that accompany violating municipal codes…which could lead to your business being shut down. And more importantly your business and employees are not adequately protected from the dangers of fire.

If your business is in violation of NFPA 72 you are at risk for serious fines. Use Cyber Technologies to service your alarm systems

It is important to note that the NFPA code 72 not only covers fire protection but also alarm systems and events requiring mass communication. In commercial buildings for example you need to be prepared for events such as weather emergencies, biological emergencies, chemical emergencies and terrorist attacks. Without getting too technical, it is entirely possible that your fire safety system works well, but it may not satisfy all the technical requirements to be seen as sufficient in the eyes of the NFPA. Don’t let ignorance turn into a costly violation.

The team at Cyber Technologies is trained and licensed in the field of fire protection and the systems that come along with it. We know the code and how to regulate your property to fit what is necessary. All these aspects of mass communication are simplified into your existing systems, integrating the means necessary to comply with and exceed the national standards of commercial fire safety.

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