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Arranging for a habitual fire alarm inspection for your home or commercial property is essential. Not only will you be doing your bit to ensure the lives of you and your family are being kept safe, you’re being responsible for your property as well.

In fact, all building owners are required to have their equipment tested and inspected on a semi-annual and annual basis. Saving lives and protecting your property by ensuring that you’ve booked your fire alarm inspection Westchester is not something that can be put off.

NFPA 72 (the National Fire Alarm Code from The National Fire Protection Association) is the code that dictates all the fire alarm requirements.

The National Fire Protection Association’s NFPA 72 specifies “the application, installation, location, performance, inspection, testing, and maintenance of fire alarm systems, fire warning equipment and emergency warning equipment, and their components.”

Please see below for the required frequency of Alarm Systems NYC

Annual Requirements:

–        Test & visual inspection of panel functionality, LED’s, fuses

–        Test panel battery charger

–        Battery discharge test

–        Test & visual inspection of horns, strobes, chimes, & bells

–        Test & visual inspection of smoke detectors

–        Test & visual inspection of heat detectors

–        Test & visual inspection of duct smoke detectors

–        Test & visual inspection of Electromechanical Releasing Devices (Solenoid)

–        Test & visual inspection of Voice Evacuation equipment


Semiannual Requirements for Alarm Systems NYC:

–        Test of sprinkler water flow switches (flow water or manually trip flapper)

–        Test of sprinkler valve tamper switches (operate valves)

–        Visual inspection lead-acid battery (swelling or loose connections)

–        Test batteries – load voltage

Quarterly Requirement for fire alarm inspection Westchester

–        Visual inspection of all fire sprinkler devices connected to the alarm. This includes water flow switches and valve tamper switches.

–        Test of fire pump monitored points (loss of phase, phase reversal, pump running etc…)


The objective of Cyber Technologies’ “fire alarm inspection Westchester” service is to analyze a fire alarm system for any malfunctions and report these concerns immediately to the home, building, or business owner. It is of vital importance that the client then takes immediate action to redress these issues.

But most importantly, we hope to give you a peace of mind that you, your family, or employees are fully protected in case of a fire or smoke emergency.

If you’d like to know more about the various fire alarm “fire alarm inspection Westchester” components that are accompanied by different testing procedures, or if you’d like to schedule Cyber Technologies’ “fire alarm inspection Westchester” services, give us a call today.

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