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Adjusting Shades Manually Is The Worst! - CYBER TECHNOLOGIES
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Adjusting Shades Manually Is The Worst!

Adjusting Shades Manually Is The Worst!

No matter whether you’ve been having a wonderful day out in the sun, enjoying the nice weather and just basking in bliss, or if you’ve been struggling to stay positive on a dreary rainy day and just moments away from reaching the limits of your patience, there’s really nothing that can ruin everything quite like an uncooperative set of shades. It’s the kind of thing that makes reasonable folks shudder in distress. You know the feeling. When you’re busy minding your business, going about your day and living life, and all of a sudden, someone casually asks you to either open or close the blinds.


Immediately you begin rounding off potential excuses in your head. What could possibly get you out of this disaster of a chore? There’s nothing. You have nowhere to turn. You have no choice but to spend the next five to ten minutes struggling, relentlessly, frustratingly, to adjust this godawful contraption, the inventor of which you passionately wish you could find and at the very least, give a very stern talking to.


And then, once you cannot stall a moment longer, it begins. You pull one string and one side lifts up, but only a fraction of the way. You pull the second string and the other side lifts. But then the first side falls back down again! You try to pull them both at the same time and you nearly rip the the whole thing off the wall. But why! Why must these shades be so impossible to adjust! It’s not fair and you’ve had enough already! It’s time for a change! It’s time that someone came up with a new invention so that we can rid ourselves of this unfathomable inconvenience!


Good news my friend. At long last, your worst nightmare will soon be a thing of the past. Welcome to the wonderful world of Lutron automated shades. An existence in which someone can ask you to adjust the shades, and you can do so in moments at the click of a button, AND THEN CONTINUE WITH YOUR DAY LIKE IT WAS NO BIG DEAL!


Whereas at one point, you left those shades down indefinitely solely due to the fact that it was too much of a pain in the neck to lift them up again, now you can enjoy the soothing daylight colors to the fullest, which in turn will allow you, from this day forth, to always make the best of your mornings.


Daylight is crucial to your physical and mental wellbeing. To deprive yourself of this natural privilege simply because it’s a hassle is to perform a true injustice unto yourself. You don’t deserve it and from now on, thanks to Lutron’s automated shades, you’ll never have to worry about such petty things ever again.


Get your customized Lutron shades installed in your home today by calling Cyber Technologies at 845-223-1628. In addition to Lutron shade installation, we also offer an assortment of other home automation installation services. To learn more about us, have a look at our homepage.


Don’t be like Peter Griffin. Call Cyber Tech for Lutron shades installation today.

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