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A Perfect Merger For Home Automation - CYBER TECHNOLOGIES
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A Perfect Merger For Home Automation

A Perfect Merger For Home Automation

Recently, Control 4 has acquired Pakedge, which is going to make New York home automation even cooler. Pakedge is the No. 1 brand of networking gear in the home technology industry. Success is obviously the goal for both companies. Control 4 specializes in home automation and makes mid-market systems. Packedge on the other hand makes robust networking gear for smart homes. These two companies are on top of their game and hungry for more.

A couple months ago, Control 4 anounced that it has decided to partner with Pakedge.¬† The senior VP of Control 4 Jeff Dungan said ”the company is very happy to partner up with a powerhouse like Pakedge with networking being the foundation”. Control 4 paid Pakedge about $32.7 million in cash, which had about $18.5 million in sales last year. Control 4 expects that this partnership will increase revenue for both companies. Pakedge adds about 80 more employees to the Control 4’s original 460 staff members. Control 4 has been very serious about growing through acquisitions. Last year, it purchased Leaf for $9 million. A couple months before that, the company bought Extra Vegetables for $900,000.

Control 4 and Pakedge: The Perfect Relationship

Control 4 and Pakedge relate in so many different ways starting with their complementary products. Control 4 is known for smart-home systems for lights, thermostats, motorized shades and many other devices in the home industry. All of these devices need great functionality and this is what Pakedge has been providing to the public for years. While there are many other companies in the business, there is none quite like Pakedge which specializes in home technology.

High-performance systems can cost well over thousands of dollars, but in spite of the high there still is major growth in the industry. Home networking and surveillance have been the top two fastest growing categories in recent years.

Currently, Control 4 seeks Luxul and Ruckus products through its e-commerce portal and as of now, customers can start purchasing¬† Pakedge products. Both companies predict a lot of success in the future and will continue to strive to make better and better products. Let’s just wait and see what these two companies have in store for us. I”m excited! Are you?

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