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5 Mistakes Companies Make When Installing Security Cameras - CYBER TECHNOLOGIES
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5 Mistakes Companies Make When Installing Security Cameras

5 Mistakes Companies Make When Installing Security Cameras


With security being one of the biggest worries for many homeowners, it’s important to make sure your home is the safest possible. The smallest mistake can lead to a big problem for you and your home. These are some of the biggest mistakes companies make when installing wireless security cameras.

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  1. Security Plan

The purpose of any security camera is to prevent crime. Unfortunately, many companies don’t develop a proper security plan and don’t emplace cameras correctly. The Four Ds: Detect, Deter, delay, and Deny will ensure that your home stays safe. This is considered the preventative measure stage before the crime actually happens. Crime would be the worst case scenario.

  1. Not enough cameras

Another big problem is not having enough security cameras. Security cameras are affordable enough to be able to buy more than one. There are some cameras that only cover one part of the house and not the other. This causes many security issues.

  1. Poor positioning

Security cameras and cameras function the same way. Both need to have good positioning to ensure that the images are clear. Many insurance companies make the common mistake of placing cameras in a bad location and this leads to choppy videos and connection issues.

  1. No remote access

Not all cameras provide remote control and this is why you need to choose a reputable company. Make sure that you buy a camera with remote access. Technology makes it possible for you to watch live video from your computer or smartphone. Unfortunately, there are some platforms that won’t support your phone. This is why you need to pay attention to detail.

  1. Not completely wireless

Wireless security cameras keep you free from routers and Ethernet ports. Obviously you will need power, but cameras that run on batteries are not the way to go. Most wireless security cameras can connect to WIFI, but do not necessarily need to be plugged in. It’s very important to choose a location close to an electrical outlet in case something goes wrong.

Remember these important steps and you will be a lot better off in the long run. All of these steps are common sense that anybody can do.

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